As you can see the current page does not have any products for the simple reason what one buyer would consider a special offer another may think the opposite.

Rather than clog up a page like other workwear sites do with products reduced, usually for a very good reason, BH Industrial try to approach this a different way.

Every visitor to the BHI site will have very specific requirements and needs in terms of what they are looking for from EN ISO specific clothing to operate in poor visibility to gardeners who need better work boots. If you have landed on this page why not call us and see if we can offer you a deal on the exact work wear clothing or products you are looking for.


Call us to find out what price breaks we can offer on any product on the website or not. We can offer you special prices on everything from Polo Shirts to Road Traffic Cones to bespoke Digital Signage to workboots or even a pink polka dot 2 litre watering can you know, just to test us!

The core principle here is you don’t ask you don’t get.

BHI Workwear has a fine history of sourcing and supplying often ridiculous requests for which we are very proud to be able to offer solutions to our customers from the straightforward to the outlandish.

Great Discounts on Many Clothing Brands and Industrial Products

As the seasons change so do the requirements for our clients and suppliers so depending on the time of year and with a little foresight a company looking for some great deals could be savvy enough to enquire about some out of season work wear or uniform clothing.

Cold wet weather is always just around the corner and a quick call to BHI can open the possibility of securing waterproof uniforms complete with logos at discounted prices.

Or you could source thermal base layers during the summer months in time ready for the cold weather. We could even hold the stock for you until temperatures dip.

These are just a couple of ideas and we are sure that you can come up with a few ideas of your own so please call us to discuss working with us to build you a special offer price on any PPE, work, Hi Vis or even speciality bespoke products.

01709 527603 email :