BHI Workwear understands the often precarious position when buying good s online so in the spirit of full disclosure this page should serve to help identify where the customer and BHI stand in terms of refunds and returns.

Simply put there are certain situations where we cannot offer full refunds without us incurring costs and these costs are not ours to absorb they will be the consumers.

Refunds will not be offered for:


Consumers purchasing the incorrect sizes of clothing products


Consumers choosing a colour scheme they do not like when they receive the goods


Consumers purchasing the wrong brand, wrong product or any combination of the above


Or any other lack of liability on the behalf of the consumer.

This is to say that each customer when buying from us is wholly and totally responsible for their actions.

For greater clarity BHI Workwear will assist fully with every single one of our customers so if they above circumstances do occur we will of course attempt to remedy the situation with alternative products, different sizes etc to ensure that the original order is completed as mistakes do happen and are often not spotted before action is commenced.

We understand that buying online can often present one thing as though it is another and for that reason if there is any doubt we would advise each customer call us to discuss the situation before placing the order for the simple reason once the “I have read and agree with the T&C’s” box is ticked each customer has agreed in law with the terms and conditions of the exchange.

Stating afterwards that the T&C’s have not been read will not constitute a valid reason for refunds.

If the goods are not of merchantable quality, faulty or are incorrect from the order placed we will go to exhaustive lengths to offer alternatives and make amends in ways of compensations to correct the mistakes or faults.

We understand this can happen from time to time and if the remedies are not viable due to valid reasons such as time barring, loss of confidence or compounded mistakes we will then offer a full refund and our sincerest apologies.

All refunds are discretionary and depending on the circumstances our sales team will make the decision whether to accept returns or action refunds on a case by case basis.

To process frivolous refunds resulting from the provisions listed above as a last resort, there shall be a restocking charge of 30% incurred by the consumer based upon the cost paid for the returning goods.

All refunds are subject to quality control examination from our warehouse team and their findings will determine the action regarding refunds.

For example if the goods have been worn and yet claimed otherwise this shall result in further communication with the consumer as it may result in negligent misrepresentation and indeed possible bad faith on the consumers part.

Simply put we will honour all genuine cases on their merits however if there is discrepancies we may seek further clarification.

On the whole we will act with honour and by the terms of the contract set forth by the terms and conditions, custom and practice.

The contract makes the law so if there are any doubts please call us to clarify exactly where you stand.

For the full breakdown from a legal stand point please see our full terms and conditions page.