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BHI is one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of protective workwear clothing, PPE and consumables. This section of our site relates to Regatta Professional work wear clothing. Many people are aware of Regatta as a brand which produces great outdoor clothing for leisure pursuits, now under the Professional banner Regatta clothing has been engineered as durable, functional and weatherproof workwear. They have applied their exceptional technology and designs to create high performance practical waterproof jackets and garments which have a wide variety of functions and applications around the work site and beyond. BHI know the priority of most business is to secure the necessary workwear clothing at the right price and this is where we can really excel. BHI offer bulk order discounts on all Regatta work clothing purchases, bespoke package deals to cover diverse job roles and a full logo service. Call 0333 101 4030 or email for more details.

Regatta offers great weather protection and durability in all their clothing

Depending on what clothing you will require there are some classifications you need to be aware of. Regatta clothing in general is highly water resistant except for fleece jackets which are inherently hydrophilic (water loving) The waterproof jackets will have a classification of 5000mm which pertains to a hydrostatic head of 5000mm. In simple terms this is a measured column of water held over stretched fabric and timed to see at what measurement/height there is penetration through the material.

Regatta Waterproof jackets which bare the 5000mm designation will have been made out of two fabrics. 1, Hydrafort – which is a waterproof polyester fabric designed to keep the rain out at all costs, Hydrafort is not a breathable fabric. 2, Isotex – this is a high grade performance fabric which is both waterproof & breathable and deployed amongst the higher spec waterproof jackets. If your job role requires a lot of movement and or activity then we would recommend you look at the Regatta Isotex 5000mm waterproof and breathable jackets. If your job role is not that active then the Hydrafort fabrics should be adequate to cope with weather protection and keeping the wearer warm and dry. There are a couple of softshell and fleece jackets which are designated as waterproof which use the Isotex 5000mm fabrics these can be found on our site as the Hydroforce softshell and the Omicron Fleece jacket For more information call us 0333 101 4030.

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There are many job roles and tasks that the waterproof Regatta clothing can be used for and to simplify it down, the jackets and softshells are ideal for any worker who is exposed to the unpredictable weather in the UK. That could mean drivers, builders, construction workers in general, plumbers, electricians, car park attendants, theme park workers etc anyone who is likely to come into contact with adverse weather during working hours. Regatta clothing is not simply just waterproof and weather resistant workwear they have excellent thermal protection and properties too. Regatta Jackets, softshells and fleeces are ideal for cold rooms and warehouses all the way up to winter excursions thanks to exceptional design which has been developed in the leisurewear field over the last 40 years. That same success has been applied in all the work wear clothing Regatta produce. Cost of workwear clothing is always a prevalent element in the buying process and one Regatta takes very seriously as they like BHI tend to look more at value for money rather than simply a price. In other words their clothing performs to a higher standard than the price tag would have you believe which means you will see real value in all the Regatta Professional workwear clothing BHI has to offer.

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Whenever customers are selecting their workwear, PPE and equipment it is imperative for us to advise rather than simply sell them something they may not necessarily benefit from. This enables our clients to make an informed decision based upon the key elements they need which also breeds trust and loyalty. These are key to our success and we are very keen to keep developing our relationships with new customers as well as some of the biggest brands operating in Europe. BHI Offer Bulk order discounts, bespoke package deals and full logo service we can even support your firm with user trials on Regatta Workwear clothing to evaluate before you buy. Call 0333 101 4030 or email to find out more.