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BHI Supply Hardwearing High Visibility Rail Spec Trousers

View our full range of High Visibility Rail Spec GO/RT 3279 Trousers right here. BHI has several key brands on offer including Pulsarail (Praybourne) Black Knight (Orbit) and Dickies to name a few. Our Rail Spec Trousers are available in poly cotton EN471 Class 1 (EN471 Class 3 when incorporated with highest level of visibility such as a Rail Spec jacket) we also have a selection of waterproof and windproof over trousers for those particularly nasty wet weather days.

BHI Workwear offer bulk order discounts, man packing services for larger firms and job role specific offers for all rail workers and buyers. Call 03331014030 to secure the best prices on all trackside hi viz trousers

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Bulk Discounts on Orange Rail Spec Trousers at BHI

High Visibility, awareness and safety are key components of all Hi Vis Rail Specification work trousers construction and applications. It is therefore extremely important that these railwear trousers are made from the highest grade materials and fabrics with the minimum requirements of GO/RT 3279, EN471: Class 1 (Or Class 3 with Jacket) applied to the garments. The concept of orange Hi Viz for railway workwear stems from this being one colour which did not conflict with the other colour signals on the rail network. Yellow hi visibility is in obvious conflict with the “Caution” signals as is red and green. The safety executive settled on Orange GO/RT 3279 Fabric dye to ensure that even from great distances the rail workers were visible to fast moving trains and those approaching works being undertaken.

Benefits of ordering the best Trackside Hi Vis Trousers

There is always a question about what is actually required trackside especially by workers who are not directly involved with operating on the network and the physical tracks. There is a very straightforward rule of thumb: If you are working near the railway even as a tree surgeon, electrician or engineer then it is always more prudent to ensure your own safety and survival by wearing the most appropriate fully compliant work wear trousers and clothing. In reality you will not be allowed access anywhere near these sites without certified EN471: Class 3 Orange GO/RT 3279 clothing. However there are occasionally firms looking to shave a few pennies by securing high visibility orange clothing (not rail spec) with little regard to whether they conform to the specific UK regulations. The penalties and liabilities for being caught or actually having an incident with this deficient clothing should serve as a stark deterrent. No life is worth saving a few quid so ensure you have the right gear at all times.

Contact BHI for the best prices on all rail work trousers

It may seem like a minefield of confusion when selecting the correct rail spec workwear clothing which is why we at BHI can assist and advise you fully on all the relevant facets you will require. We will work out the best price quotes on large or smaller orders to ensure you receive the best High Viz rail Spec clothing in line with the company budget. BHI also offer man packing for all firms especially useful when you are looking at ordering a full uniforms and not simply a few pairs of rail spec trousers. For more information call 03331014030

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