Hi Vis Rail Softshell & Fleece Jackets

High Visibility Rail Spec Softshells and Fleeces Supplied by BHI

You can view our full range of railwear specification GO/RT 3279 Hi-Vis soft shell jackets and fleeces right here. BHI are suppliers of many brands however the key ones to consider are Pulsarail (Praybourne), Black Knight (Orbit) and Dickies rail spec to name a few. The main priority for all firms and buyers is to source the best products in line with their respective budgets and this is where BHI can assist and advise, to ensure the best deal with the most appropriate Hi-Vis rail spec clothing is selected.

We offer bulk order discounts, a man packing service and bespoke packages which really help when choosing to kit out workers from head to toe in the appropriate work wear clothing. Call 03331014030 to secure the best prices on all rail spec softshells and fleece orders.

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Great Deals on all Orange Hi-Vis Trackside Rail Spec Soft Shell and Fleeces at BHI

Increased visibility and safety are the primary concerns when relating to all rail spec clothing and as such BHI has the responsibility to only source products which meet the minimum requirements under UK regulation. All our Rail wear Softshell jackets and fleeces conform to EN471: 2003 (A1: 2007) Class 3, EN ISO 20471:2013 on all products designed and constructed after June 2013 and GO/RT 3279 which pertains to the orange dye in the fabric of the trackside clothing. The reason Hi-Vis orange was chosen to represent the trackside operators over other colours was the fact that orange was not in visual conflict with other colour signals on rail network such as green (for go signals) yellow (for caution) and red (for stop signals). During the testing phase for the first high visibility tabards in the 1960’s they were also limited by the clothing technology at the time which may explain why other colours were not deployed. GO/RT 3279 is now the regulated colour dye fabric to which all rail spec softshells and clothing must adhere.

Benefits of ordering the best Hi Viz Rail Softshell and fleece jackets

Depending on the weather conditions and time of the year there is a balance to be secured between a workers comfort and protection in the sense of a vibrant visual presence. Softshells and fleece jackets are light weight and functional capable of excellent thermal performance without being over bearing as a thicker jacket would tend to be in the warmer months. Both fleece and softshells have the necessary retro-reflective strips across the body, arms and over the shoulder to create a distinct visual signature for any oncoming traffic in the form of trains or road vehicles which allows for greater clarity and presence. These principles of design are so effective that other industries have followed suit and although they may utilise a different garment colour (yellow, red, blue etc) the retro-reflective strips are deployed in a very similar fashion. Therefore all Rail spec Soft shells and Fleece jackets can be used outside the rail industry unless there is an edict that a specific colour has to be used in a particular discipline such as Highways and transport. If you are looking for a hi-vis softshells or fleece jackets these would be excellent choices.

Contact BHI to secure the best prices on the best rail GO/RT soft shells and fleeces

Whatever the requirement you or your company need we will have rail spec garments that will fit the bill. We specialise in full service from advisement, samples, man packing, bulk order discounts and logo application. BHI will work with all customers and clients to create the best packages in terms of products in line with budgets. We can advise on logo creation as well and reproduction on the finished products offering both heat sealed prints or embroidery. Rather than buying online directly if you have any questions or elements which need clarifying please call us to ensure you have made the right choices. Call 03331014030

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