Personal Service

When buying goods online there is a distinct lack of personal service which actually removes one of the most important factors when buying anything – confidence that everything is understood.

We all think we’re great communicators but in reality we aren’t which is why when buying workwear and uniforms it’s imperative to make sure everything is understood just like if you were buying from a shop in person.

Every website tries to convey confidence that you can trust them and they will comprehend your requirements but there is still a lack of understanding which cannot be substituted by any site.

This base principle goes the very core of what BHI Workwear stands for and strives to project to all our customers.

This is key to why we always welcome incoming calls and emails it’s a chance to listen to what our customer require and then advise accordingly ensuring at the very least each customer can make an informed decision before buying. 

Personal service is often overlooked by a great deal of websites and companies in favour of more automated processes like buying online but is this always in the best interest of the customer?

What if you want to know certain benefits and merits of two or more products?

Can you print logos or embroidery on the clothing?

Is there bulk discounts across different product lines?

There a great many questions that can be answered by making a quick call into BHI Workwear where our team of experts who will help advise on each customers best options building confidence and hopefully resulting in a more effective and positive experience than buying a product online only to find when its delivered that it is incorrect or not what the customer thought it was.

We like to think of ourselves as advisers and this is one of the foundations of BHI which helps to ensure repeat business.

Our philosophy is not to seek the next sale it’s about the next 100 it’s about building relationships built on trust which will foster a positive reciprocal exchange between BHI and all our customers.

We welcome all calls as this is always a great chance to make a great first impression and actively seek to solve whatever challenges our customers have on their to do lists.

Let BHI do the graft – Give us a problem and we will come back to you with several options to solve that problem allowing you to continue with your tasks with confidence there is a team working on helping you.

That way you don’t have to browse through pages and pages of products and brands that may not be suitable for your needs.

We will make sure you have all the information you require and to make the buying process as streamlined and simple as possible.

Call us today.