Online Ordering

There are a couple of different levels of buying workwear online from BHI – you can use this website to “spot buy” a few products for small requirements or you can call us to set up trade workwear accounts with bulk discounts which are more traditionally structured with confirmations being sent over email and paid for over the phone or on credit terms.

There is a third way which is tailored for larger businesses or heavier workwear/uniform users.

BHI Workwear offers a dedicated online ordering web site which has been created specifically for larger companies and their specific product list in mind.

It is simple and straightforward to use with the company’s own specific price list and products displayed clearly.

BHI’s online ordering facility is dedicated to make the ordering of PPE, Workwear clothing and Uniforms as easy and simple as possible especially if there are multiple working locations around the UK.

Each department can have access to a specific list of products or to the whole list if necessary and can be tailored with specific permissions for users.

Online ordering is completely secure and can only be accessed when BHI grant specific permissions under advisement from the main company decision maker.

BHI’s Online ordering system is completely bespoke and unique in the workwear and PPE industry which allows for multiple buyers within one company to order as and when resulting in quicker turnarounds, greatly reduced errors and full reporting system to back up all activity for more comprehensive analysis by each company.

One major added benefit of using our bespoke online ordering system is the man packing facility – if you have a large workforce handing out new uniforms can be chaotic, expensive and will invariably leave workwear unclaimed or workers without their full consigned clothing.

BHI have created the man pack facility which will eradicate that issue by only supplying the requisite products for each worker in a sealed bag, clearly labelled which can be handed out in a short period of time without effecting productivity or causing delays.

All products can be edited and revised at any point so nothing is set in stone, changes can be made as quickly as a phone call or email communication. New permissions can be granted and contacts added just as swiftly all with the simple concept of making purchasing workwear, uniforms, PPE and other products as easy and quick as possible with full oversight into what has been ordered and by whom.

For more information into the BHI online ordering system either call us or email