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Buy Rocksalt & Grit salt by the pallet direct from BHI

Buying rocksalt by the pallet load if desigend for larger operations, warehouses, shopping centres.

Call our sales team to secure the best prices.



Bulk buy rocksalt & grit salt from BHI – pallet loads

This product is aimed and industrial sized users of rock salt – warehouse operations, shopping centres, retail parks etc where there is a large area exposed to the elements resulting in black ice which can cause chaos and increase liabilities.

BHI can source and supply rock salt in pallet loads and deliver anywhere in the UK* with enough prior notice to avoid any disruption.

Buy your Rock Salt before its too late

Some of you may know that every year when the weather is expected to drop to sub-zero temperatures with chance of dangerous black ice - the government take control of all salt mines in the UK to ensure the main roads and public access points have enough rock salt to ensure minimal disruption

This means private operations need to plan ahead of time especially if there is a requirement for large quantities to be held in storage at multiple sites.

Although you may believe BHI is a workwear and PPE supplier we have a wide range of ancillary solutions across many industries and fields one of these being a rock salt provider to a one of the largest brands in Europe. This allows us to secure rock salt ordered in bulk amounts at the best prices anywhere.

order your rocksalt by the tonnage long before you need it with BHI

if you require rock salt in ton or half ton bags we can deliver multiple truck loads on pallets or without to multiple operational sites around the UK.

As this is not a commodity you are likely to purchase from a shop you will need to speak to our sales team for a quote as this product and price does depend on several ever-changing factors such as the quantity, the time of year and the supply. Call 0333 101 4030 or email if you would like more information.