No Minimum Order

When ordering Workwear clothing and uniforms there is often the question raised relating to minimum order values.

Some suppliers have strict policies which can be prohibitive to customers if they only need one or two garments - this is not how BHI workwear operate.

BHI know that supplemental orders are part and parcel of business operations concerning new starters and expansions therefore we don’t have a minimum order policy.

To qualify that statement any customer can an order for one product if they wish however you may incur carriage charges for the shipping of that item.

In a real world situation we have customers who place a larger primary order for their workforce and will need “top ups”  from time to time to their uniforms and workwear this is where BHI will offer much more support and beneficial assistance than a lot of our competitors.

For every supplemental uniform order we will, where applicable, maintain the original sales quote meaning we will honour the same price as the main order placed.

The only additional cost may be shipping for individual items unless previously agreed to waiver them.

If you need more information or assurances before placing an order with BHI Workwear call or email us to confirm exactly where you stand.