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Water Resistant Softshells and Fleeces by Regatta Workwear

Everyone knows what workwear jackets look like and how they perform, big bulky perfect for heavy rain and cold wet winters, for that reason jackets are not on most customer's radar when they are looking for clothing to use for their workforce who aren't exposed to the open air for long periods. The need for jackets which aren't jackets in that sense is a very sought after premise where traditionally the typical "black fleece" has been the go to choice for individuals and firms alike and for good reason. Fleeces are warm, comfortable, professional and functional it is because of these properties they have secured wide ranging adoption from firms up and down the land. The main drawback from any fleece even the most advanced versions is the lack of inherent water resistance which makes almost every fleece very limited in outdoors application especially in the UK where it rains something like 70% of the time and the rest of the time the clouds are refilling before lashing it down again.

Even in the summer months the weather is unpredictable however in those months workers wouldn't be using work fleeces they would be wearing polo's or T-shirts.Waterproof Workwear | Outdoor Clothing | Waterproof Workwear
Workwear fleece Jackets are typically used in the winter months if indoors and the early spring months while the weather still has the cold snaps and biting winds but effectively limited in the great outdoors which means the same customers then need to buy water resistant jackets for their workforce.

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Buying two workwear products for the same staff will quickly deplete the budget unnecessarily so as there is a better option than first buying fleeces and then water resistant jackets to cope with weather issues.
Softshells were designed to take the best assets from jackets and fleeces and none of the drawbacks, softshells are not bulky like a lot of jackets but they are inherently water resistant and can easily be treated to make them waterproof. They are as comfortable to wear as fleeces and are soft to the touch and they look even more stylish than fleeces in my opinion because as they age they do not become warped or stretched which is another drawback to fleeces. One of the best features on Regatta softshells is the functionality, they stretch as you work, cover all your potentially exposed skin and offer great warmth and breathability. 

Workwear Softshell jackets come in a wide range of colours and design aesthetics giving them far more applicability for specialised tasks these adaptions make softshells perfect workwear clothing.
The only issue now seems to be education allowing customers to see for themselves just how effective workwear softshells are in any given task especially outside in the cold wet British weather.
Once people try softshells they are easily converted to using these fantastic hybrid products instead of buying jackets and fleeces separately.

Rather than stagnate on workwear fleeces Regatta have advanced their fleece range to cater for the high demand for this type of product because no matter how great softshells are there will always be people who want workwear fleeces especially if their workforce never go outside to work. Regatta have produced the TRA644 Omicron II Waterproof Breathable fleece which as the name should suggest is waterproof so if you like the fleece design and feel then you should consider this product for your team just click on the link to go see the product.

We have several customers who operate very large warehouses and as such the only thing they need to protect their workforce from is the cool or cold temperatures. Their workers never step outside to operate and therefore the workwear fleeces we supply them with are perfect for their requirements.
Softshells products have developed as the next stage on from fleeces which generally results in them costing more money and in most cases is correct due to the construction process and the fabrics used.

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The choice for which workwear you require would depend on your requirements but if you or your workforce is exposed to the elements then your choice should be the softshell options as they will be more cost effective than buying fleeces and workwear jackets separately. The Regatta softshells will perform very well in the rain and the cold offering great protection and performance.

If you need some assistance in choosing the right one for you please call 0333 101 4030.

If you or your workforce is predominantly based indoors then all the Regatta fleeces on offer will suffice, it then becomes down to individual selections with the fleece range. For larger firms the TRF532 REgatta Thor III fleece Jacket is very popular because of the price to performance ratio in other words it's a cost effective product which keeps the workforce warm and comfortable but has no bells and whistles. These units are used all over the country in large warehouses as is the TRF543 Barricade fleecewhich offers similar economies of scale.

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Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing