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We have written quite a few articles on Softshell jackets and their various merits in relation to Fleece and waterproof outdoor jackets and how they compare.
What we can concentrate on today is the wide ranging applications of softshell jackets in both work and leisuretime.

Buy Workwear Softshells because they look like leisurewear clothing

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At BHI Workwear (the name kind of gives it away) we specialise predominantly in work clothing however thanks to great design and a more commercially savvy consumer our workwear softshell jackets can easily be mistaken for leisurewear products which could be bought in outdoor clothing retailers.

This means when you buy workwear softshells they have wider applications and greater appeal which actually adds value to an already impressive list of benefits.
Essentially when people see the word “Workwear” and are of course not looking for work clothing they will jump straight off the page and go look at other sites which “fit” with their perceptions of what they are looking for.

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This is of course merited in today’s online world where there are an almost endless number of sites which all offer the same or very similar products.
The other side of this equation is the online shopper has become more refined and astute at seeking out bargains whether on sites like Amazon or eBay or by entering long search queries into search engines.

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The more astute consumers have sought to look beyond the peripherals and look deeper at the products whether they are designed or built for their own requirements or not.
This is not a new practice and has been around in various forms for years it’s simply today there is a wider and more diverse market place to experiment.

Work Clothing can be used for anything but work

Workwear clothing has a history of consumers buying products designed for one purpose and actually bought for another. Dickies and Mascot Trousers have been used in Parkour (free running), Carhartt has been used by skaters for decades and now Regatta Workwear has been adopted and adapted by the outdoor pursuit’s enthusiasts in particular the Softshells and the Regatta Jackets.

Walkers, hikers and ramblers as well as sailors are familiar with the Regatta brand and the values that are attributed to the clothing however now, perhaps because of economic restraints, there is a demand of “more for less”.
This is not always a viable principle as you tend to get what you pay for but the fact that workwear is predominantly cheaper than leisurewear products and has a more robust construction to handle the stresses and strains of tougher environments means it is quickly being sought as an ideal substitute for the more expensive clothing ranges.

Workwear softshells such as the Regatta TRA650 Hydroforce, TRA656 Octagon and the TRA664 Groundfort Softshell have been sold to outdoor enthusiasts as much as they have been to firms for their workforces.

Great design ensures when you buy workwear softshells they are desirable

This is thanks to the Regatta design team who have used similar blocks and design specs to create comparable softshell jackets with those of the leisurewear side of the business and being honest with a more attractive price tag.
The simple uncluttered design means their design is functionally orientated and while they may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the premium soft shells on offer they more than make up for this is in performance and longevity.

Regatta Workwear Softshell jackets are the ideal product which act as “best of both worlds” garments as they have the comfort and functionality of a fleece while maintaining excellent outdoor wet weather performance which is typically attributed to the thicker and larger Regatta jackets.
As the Soft shells are thinner in appearance and yet still extremely functional they have become the ideal garment to wear when working or playing outdoors.

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Don’t take our word for it, try them for yourself and you will soon see the huge advantages of wearing a noticeably thinner, highly water resistant jacket that is as comfortable and thermally protective as a fleece.
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