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Great Waterproof Workwear Clothing by Regatta

Workwear can offer many challenges to brands who wish to enter the fray however some brands are more fortuitous than others and manage to traverse the pitfalls which have crippled clothing brands in the past. Workwear Regatta produce is excpetional.

Regatta is known for producing fantastic waterproof jackets for those outdoor expeditions however they also produce premium waterproof workwear which include jackets, bodywarmers, softshells, fleece and of course trousers. Please take a look at the great workwear Regatta produce.

Great waterproof jackets for work and for play - Regatta offers exceptional value for money Great waterproof jackets for work and for play - Regatta offers exceptional value for money

There are so many workwear brands you could easily lose count but there are only a handful which carry a brand equity or kudos which provides consumers with the security that they will receive what they pay for.

Happily Regatta is one of those brands and their work clothing is almost beyond superlatives particularly when you consider the performance and the price which are arguably the two most important factors when buying workwear and indeed all goods.

Workwear Regatta produce is excellent for waterproofing and uniform uses.

with consummate ease. They have also developed new and innovative fabric treatments, configurations and indeed new materials which serve to produce some seriously potent work clothing.

While other brands concentrate on their trousers first and their jackets second Regatta have worked on both fronts and having largely mastered the engineering of some tough, durable and high performance trousers they have continued to develop their work jackets, softshells and fleeces.

See why Regatta will be synonymous with workwear in the future

The traditional thinking as far as workwear is concerned is centred around the need to produce trousers first then jackets secondly because the collective thinking is trousers are worn day in day out all year round and jackets are only used for a few months of the year.

This approach is outdated and those other brands are missing a trick especially as they tend to only design big, heavy workwear jackets which would be well suited for the artic rather than down-town Rotherham.
The most efficient way to garner great success is to design unique and diverse ranges of Waterproof work wear jackets which cater for all jobs and all weather conditions as well as the heavy premium winter jackets.

Most people who live and work in the UK are well aware of the ever changing weather conditions and if you take the summer of 2012 as an example, the need for lightweight, breathable waterproof jackets was extremely evident. Regatta produce the diverse range needed to cope with the continual flux in the weather while not impeding on your work performance.

Waterproof Workwear Jackets and Fleeces

Regatta are launching their brand new Hardwear range in Sept 2012 which offers greater durability for those workers who need more than warmth and waterproofing.
New fabrics have been developed and applied to the initial 8 workwear products which acts to increase abrasion resistance and tensile strength and increases productivity and longevity. The principle with this new line of Durable workwear clothing is to create exceptional functionality most customers would experience from their leisure clothing without paying the same type prices.

They are gearing up to take on the big hitters of the Workwear world at their own game by producing products which not only compete with the other brands but because of the pricing policy of Regatta they will cost the consumer less while still providing great performance.

As I said early the driving factor of why consumers buy certain goods is down to performance and price these two factors have to be favourable to secure a sale. Regatta knows this and designs their leisurewear and workwear products to meet and exceed performance expectations while offering great value for money. In other words you can buy a premium workwear jacket at prices that blow the competition out of the water with ease.

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