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Waterproof Clothing Designed to be used as Workwear and Uniforms

There are a great many people who recognise Regatta as a leisurewear brand who produce the type of clothing perfect for wet and windy walks. There are not so many who know that they now produce first class workwear clothing with the added advantage of all the assets of the leisure design and build. The need and requirement for robust and waterproof work clothing is high especially when you consider the UK is exposed to 70% chance of rain most days in certain seasons.

We at Regatta are all too familiar with the demand for this type of clothing from our customers and our own research we have seen the existing workwear is, well, a bit unimaginative and lacks quality styling. Form as well as function should be the nature of our work clothing and we aim to generate high performance clothing which has a pleasing aesthetic look for the wearer to feel great while working.Waterproof & Breathable Jackets | Tough & Durable Workwear Clothing

he work clothing backed up by the necessary performance required to meet the demands placed upon it.

Uniforms and Work Wear Clothing Which Looks Great

In essence the workwear has become more like streetwear.

While Regatta can’t claim to be the first mover we know a few things that other brands don’t, we started off as a leisurewear company so we have the styling formats to compete with the best. Our reputation was forged by producing excellent waterproof work wear clothing over 30 years so we know a few things about how to protect people from horrendous weather.

Our genesis was born out of some pretty dark times in the 1980’s in Manchester which was originally settled because of its wet atmosphere and cool climate to keep the textiles being produced damp and workable. The 80’s were dire like most cities we had Thatcher perverting the course of humanity and the scene setting of the Rochdale canal being pertinent and very LS Lowry but out of the dystopic and depressing mire sprang some seriously vivid and vibrant sparks which laid the foundations for the great city Manchester is today. We were there and in some part we helped forge the city like a thousand other companies and firms.

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Because Manchester is so wet it made sense to sell waterproof jackets and that was the original spark. From a market stall to a £100 million turnover company is not bad going and we won’t stop their we have built our foundations on innovation and development so we can produce clothing which performs exceptionally well without breaking the budget of any workwear buyer.

The newest addition to our growing stable is the new hardware range which has been designed to be extra resistant to abrasions and the demands of construction sites and trade environments.

If you are looking to buy great workwear clothing by Regatta call us on 0333 101 4030 if you have any queries.

Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered work wear clothing