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With the arrival of our new Regatta Workwear website we have developed a way of shopping for outdoor clothing, work clothing, waterproofs and sportswear which is based on needs rather than an open forum where there can actually be too much choice.
The old site and like almost every ecommerce website presents the customer or visitor with a wide range of trousers, jackets, softshells, boilersuits, boots etc with new clear direction based upon benefits or requirements. It’s down to the customer to decide what they want rather than being guided to the correct area. In itself this idea is not a bad one it’s just not very informative and easy to navigate and really does rely on two key factors: 1, the customer having knowledge of the products your website offers and 2, these customers have the time to browse dozens of products and make a decision based upon a balanced assessment which is often open to interpretation. Outdoor Clothing | Waterproof Jackets | Workwear Clothing

These two requirements are very, very rare in today’s ecommerce sector and with good reason, it’s fantastic to get repeat business in fact that should always be a primary focus for any business but the reality in order to grow you need new customers who may or may not be familiar to your products. You need to help and educate them, to convert them by providing something they want in a short time or they will leave your website in search for another who meets their requirements. There are several ways this can be achieved and should best suit your products and depends on the level and instruments of communication.

One way we are developing is to group together clothing products that fulfil certain requirements backed up by a telephone number they can call to speak to someone who can help them make the right decision or explain their options.
The second factor is incredibly rare certainly in the Facebook age where people want results immediately and have no time to fumble around websites looking for that one workwear clothing product they need. These customers have a requirement in mind, a performance necessity and they have a limited amount of time to find it. If they click on a website and the clothing is presented in a way where they have to browse through every jacket or trousers people now will just go back to the search engine and restart their search excluding your company website.

Regatta will assist you fully in choosing the right workwear clothing for you or your company

Time is a scarcity most websites no longer enjoy, in today’s online platform there is almost too much choice and consumers are becoming very impatient in terms of finding results through saturation and the white noise being pumped out.
Clothing brands such as Regatta Workwear are not sold in one or two places online so every site has a few seconds to grab attention, increase the confidence and deliver on the customer’s requirements, fail at this at your own peril. We did and it’s taken a long time to get the basics right before we moved on to produce a hub where customers can choose what they want in a few clicks.
Regatta workwear has several access points to meet as many people’s expectations as we can, points like the category titles (Jackets, Softshells, Fleece etc) on the left hand side of the home page the true innovation takes place in the middle of the home page we have selected 6 sections which lead to clothing and products collections which are designated: Workwear, Outdoor Clothing, Activewear, Waterproofs, Videos and Special Products.

Regatta Clothing ideal for work or play

Each section holds certain Regatta work clothing products which meet the title requirements. The waterproofs section only having waterproof products by Regatta and Dare2B, products which are made from Isotex fabrics, Isolite and waterproof polyesters. Products on offer in this section will be the Packaway jacket and Hardwear products such as the Regatta 3-in-1 Generator jacket.

This section can be used by those customers who need waterproof clothing for tasks like walking the dog, gardening, DIY or indeed workwear which is what the Professional range by Regatta is designed for. The section will have mixtures of  jackets, trousers and other complementary products in one place rather than navigating all around to get what you need which makes it easier to multi buy products in one area.

Great Workwear | Waterproof Jackets | Work Fleeces

Buy Workwear clothing and uniforms online through Regatta

The workwear section has nothing but children’s and pantomime clothing displayed, joking of course because this section has the best selection of the Regatta Professional ranges and the new Hardwear range which is perfect for workwear clothing requirements. There are the selected Waterproof Workwear clothing; Jackets, softshells, trousers etc we know work well in the field and are popular because of this. You can see TRJ330 action trousers alongside the Hardwear TRA136 Generator jacket which will help the customer visualise the compatibility again the aim is to place associated products alongside each other.

Regatta Outdoor Waterproof Clothing covers the ever increasing number of leisure pursuits undertaken outside in the wild as it were. Walking, Mountaineering, Sailing, DIY, Snowboarding you name it we will provide a selection of jackets, softshells, gloves, Dare2B and Regatta clothing which will be designed to meet those requirements like the TRA658 Headwind softshell and the TRA137 Evader jackets which we have sold to winter sports enthusiasts as much as those who like walking in the amazing national parks we have. There are other options available in the outdoor clothing field which will meet with economic approval and those which will meet with specific performance appeal. However the great thing about Regatta products is cost, you can acquire a premium jacket designed for high performance for a fraction of the price of other brands.

The Activewear section covers the Dare2B ranges and other products we and indeed other customers selected to be in there. Activewear includes everything from snowboarding to running and cycling and with our added ability to logo your purchases your activewear products will be personalised to your own specification with consummate ease.
We can and do logo all Regatta and Dare2B products by both printing and embroidery and we have offers for bulk purchases please call us for more information this includes all jackets, fleece and softshells in the full range.

Overall the new experience we hope to offer will provide you with as much information as you can digest without over stating our presence. As we develop more and more we will be adding reviews of products for a real world sense of application and other content designed to give you a firm view and understanding of how all the Regatta clothing looks and functions.
To visit the relevant pages you desire please either follow the links or navigate at the top of this page to the sections. Call us on0333 101 4030 if you need any more information about our range of product.

All workwear clothing by Regatta can be embroidered with your company logo, call to find out more

Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing