Is a Workwear Fleece Your Best Option?

Is a workwear fleece your best option? BHI Workwear will advise you

When customers call us to enquire about one or two of our workwear fleeces we usually follow up with more questions as to the purpose they are being bought for Why? Because strangely enough fleeces may not be the right product for what they need but rather they have “always” bought them. TRA644-Regatta-Omicron-II-Waterproof-Fleece-Action-Shot

The sentiment “if it ain’t broke why fix it” does hold merit as many firms and workers have been wearing these work garments for the last 30 – 40 years where they have served them well however times and well and fabrics advance and here in lies the rub.

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At Regatta Workwear we are at a stage where we need to “educate”, without sounding pompous or arrogant, our customers of the various alternative clothing and products which may be better designed and constructed to meet their respective needs as well as handling constantly and often erratic weather systems.

If you have ever worn a fleece jacket in the rain, it will be the last time you were that type garment in wet weather. Almost every firm’s buyer is very familiar with the traditional, old faithful work wear fleece jacket yet they are often buying them for workers who spend an extended period of time outdoors.

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The main reason is the lack of information in a practical sense of viable alternative outdoor and waterproof clothing short of jumping straight for an over-jacket.

Regatta Softshell Jackets can be the Perfect Alternative

Regatta Workwear will always advise on rather than “sell” our customers products that they don’t need. To put this another way if you are looking to buy 30 fleeces for your workforce who work predominantly indoors but who also spend some time outdoors exposed to the cold and wet weather then we would guide you towards the Regatta Softshell work jacket range rather than the Workwear fleece category. The reasons are all softshells, not just ours, are inherently water resistant and therefore will protect the wearer at the same time as offering comparable comfort to that of a typical fleece jacket.

When you factor in durability and an increased tensile strength of the fabric as well as being more resistant to dirt and abrasions then the softshell jackets are the way forward.

However without looking to completely discredit the traditional fleece there are some uses that it is seldom every beaten. If your workers are inside in warehouses or large open areas the fleece is perfect for retaining body heat and providing excellent all-round functionality as well as comfort levels thanks to the soft fluffy fabric.

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What we really need to establish is what works best for you, your budget and the function you require the workwear clothing for to confidently advise you on which product line to consider.

It is of no advantage in the long run to us to sell our customers clothing just once and for them to feel they have been stitched up. We want to garnish confidence from our customers and advise them correctly as well as educating them on their choices. At the same time providing them with confidence and assurances that their money is being wisely invested rather than frivolously spent every sale is about confidence and we can instil that in all our customers by providing them the right products at the right prices.

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