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Durable Regatta Clothing and great workwear for a wide range of uses.

There are many workwear brands operating the world over today but only a few of these brands occupy the upper echelons of the tier. See the full range of Durable Regatta clothing

These brands are prestigious and forward thinking enough to develop cross over products which are classed as workwear but have a developed and maturing leisurewear consumer base.


Brands like Carhartt and Dickies workwear are very adept at this lucrative spin off and sell millions of products which are worn as fashion pieces.
Workwear has developed over the last 130 years from heavy traditional clothing to world class sophisticated clothing which makes short work of obstacles and impediments.

The art of great workwear is engineering solutions to every day obstacles which other clothing fail to cope with this can be heat resistance, abrasion resistance or water proofing.

One workwear brand I would like to mention is Regatta clothing who have developed their professional range which is largely considered workwear for quite a few years however it is only recently that Regatta have decided to venture deeper into the workwear market by producing their brand new Hardwear range.

Regatta Workwear is worth mentioning simply because they fill a gap in the market left by other brands. They have concentrated their considerable expertise and produced some pretty potent waterproof workwear which is tough, durable, warm and innovative.

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Many brands concentrate on trousers and place less emphasis on workwear jackets and coats mainly because most workers use workwear trousers day in day out. The traditional outlook is jackets are used from October/November time through to March/April and the rest of the time they are used less often because of more favourable weather this traditional outlook is largely false and incorrect. Those of you familiar to the UK weather will be more than intimate with the wet summer we have just had and in fact are gearing up for storms and the autumn chill. We are in fact we are selling waterproof workwear jackets all year round to cope with the unpredictable drenching. Regatta have identified this trend not only with their leisurewear ranges but also their workwear and Hardwear ranges they provide waterproof, water resistant and wind resistant lightweight jackets which are the ideal workwear clothing for those workers exposed to the elements. Is it worth noting that Regatta produce some stellar workwear trousers as well so aren't missing out on that market sector, they are concentrating on providing great all round protection without having the need to buy heavy bulky jackets and breaking the bank in the process.

The durable Regatta clothing website was set up to sell all the professional ranges and other durable Regatta clothing products at the best prices on the web.

We work in conjunction with Regatta to offer the same brand guarantees they offer so you know who you are buying from.

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This Regatta workwear website is set up to give you the easiest, efficient and most rewarding online line experience. We know first-hand from selling workwear to operating an online store what consumers want, need and of course expect and as such we have worked extremely hard to engineer a website which will deliver you a convenient and easy way to buy all Regatta workwear as well as their special offers.

What's more we have staff ready and waiting to handle any questions or orders at the end of a phone so if you're like so many consumers you want a person to speak to then please call the Regatta Workwear office number 0333 101 4030.

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