Great Women’s Waterproof Jackets For Work

Regatta Create Great Women’s Waterproof Jackets

Firstly we must apologise for the lack of great women's waterproof jackets on the now defunct Regatta Workwear site this is something we are looking to change in the near future.
Rest assured we stock and supply all the great women's waterproof jackets and ladies workwear clothing on offer through Regatta it’s simply a quick phone call away to secure a price and stock quantities – 0333 101 4030 or email

In the meantime if you are looking to buy great women's waterproof jackets please follow this link.

Regatta have many waterproof jackets which are either classed as unisex or have ladies versions such as the Benson II Waterproof 3 in 1 jacket and the Beauford Workwear jacket which are both available in the ladies configuration.
While they may not be on our website this does not mean we don’t sell them it’s just the way the site is currently set up.


Without trying to defend the indefensible in terms of justifying why we don’t have the women’s waterproof jackets on our site I would say that the current Regatta Workwear site should be used as an introductory space to engage with people leading them to either calling or emailing us.

Buy great women's waterproof jackets through BHI Workwear – Call us today!

What does that mean if I want to go to your site and order women’s waterproof workwear jackets?
It would be no different if you were looking to buy a men’s jacket especially if you were looking to order multiples with logos.
The site offers the price of the jackets for single purchase and does not include bulk prices or embroidery – yet.
We are working on this facility however we find it is always best to speak to someone with knowledge to make sure you are buying the right product and to secure the best pricing.

See our full range to buy great waterproof workwear jackets here

Bulk Discounts on all women's waterproof jackets through BHI Workwear

We actively encourage people to call us as this ensures a much higher level of service than a lot of our competitors who just want the next sale.
From a customer’s point of view they want reassurance that the products are right for their specific requirements.
No one wants to buy something that is no good or is misleading in the description – the only real way to limit this happening is to speak to an expert who can advise rather than sell so you have the facts and the prices to make an informed decision.

So with this in mind while we may not necessary get the traffic for women’s waterproof workwear jackets from search engines we do still take calls from customers who ask the question whether we do stock Regatta Ladies workwear clothing.

If you are looking for ladies waterproof jackets, uniforms and work clothing call us today and we will be able to build you a specific package deal with discounts and logo application included.
0333 101 4030 or email

Full Embroidery Logo service on all workwear clothing through Regatta

As mentioned above Regatta offers a full logo service which includes embroidery and heat seal printing on all our waterproof workwear clothing and uniforms.
We apply all logos in house so by purchasing work clothing through Regatta allows us to personalise each product ready for dispatch to your locations saving time and money.
Call us today to discuss your options and requirements 0333 101 4030

If this blog post is not quite what you are looking for please follow this link so you can source the best workwear clothing or great corporatewear & uniforms first time out.
We have offers everyday where you can secure FREE printing on certain garments such as jackets and T-Shirts.

To find out more call us 0333 101 4030.