Why You Should Use Baselayers with Your Waterproof Jackets

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What exactly are base layers used for? It sounds like a straightforward question and I can already hear people think “for when it’s cold” but that’s only partially right. When should you use baselayers?
There does seem to be some confusion as to what baselayers or thermal clothing as some may know them are actually used for and this article should clear up any confusion and demonstrate more applications particular in conjunction with Regatta waterproof workwear clothing.

In short most people look at baselayers as undergarments to be worn in the cold winter months under polo shirts, sweaters and then the big thick coats usually seen during the adverse weather months and then put away until the next cold snap.
However if the firm is buying the clothing the workers usually throw them away as they are seen as disposable and only used for a short period.
This is only one of their applications and one we at Regatta Workwear are keen to help depose.
Regatta Baselayer clothing has advanced over the last decade to incorporate technologically engineered fabrics as well as the traditional cottons and polycottons.

You Should Use Baselayers when you require great Moisture Management and Antibacterial Properties

The main advancement in baselayer construction is the antibacterial properties and the moisture wicking and moisture repelling properties. Antibacterial elements allow for prolonged exposure with very limited skin irritation as a result and also allows for a greater longevity of the garments.
When you consider what most base layers are exposed to there is a constant need to wash them and it doesn’t take long before the performance is compromised. Antibacterial properties allow for greater use as they won’t start to smell like the traditional fibres will in short order.

Great Baselayers by Regatta Great Baselayers by Regatta

The moisture management fabrics are the main advancements we should really concentrate on however as these additions have increased the usability of the typical base layer far beyond the winter months and are now being deployed all year round to cope with perspiration build up in the outerwear like Regatta waterproof jackets to keep the wearer comfortable rather than hot, wet and sticky.

You Should Use Baselayers underneath waterproof workwear jackets to maximise thermal performance

This can sound a bit strange on the face of it however if the worker was wearing the waterproof jacket and just the base layer underneath (this is dependent on requirements such as Hi Vis Rail Spec) they would be ideally kitted out for optimal performance.
The base layer would either act to wick all the moisture into the garment itself and away from the skin or in some advanced products the moisture would be pulled away from the skin and the base layer and pushed into the breathable (ideally speaking) jacket for quick dissipation and evaporation leaving the wearer dry and comfortable throughout a long operational day.
There really is nothing worse than wearing jacket to keep you dry and then being drenched form the inside in your own perspiration, this is one of the biggest issues with non-breathable waterproof jackets.

It does help that most premium base layers actually look good on their own rather than being like those old sky blue thermal underwear products. While these are still popular with many workers they do have limited use due to the design and fabrics used.
Wearing a good premium base layer underneath a great waterproof jacket is the best way in ensuring high functionality and performance without having to sacrifice on other areas.

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