Why the Traditional Black Fleece?

Why are Black Fleece Jackets so popular?

As workwear suppliers and prominent stockists of the Regatta Professional range we are well aware of the demand for "the traditional black fleece" from new and existing customers but why?
It can’t be down to lack of imagination or imitation of other firms, the idea of the black fleece is long established as a mainstay for so many firms from the one man bands to the large multi-nationals. The fleece we are talking about is the jacket form which has such a wide variety of uses I could not list them all here however the typical wearer of these workwear garments are warehouse workers, internal technicians, college staff/students, supermarket staff, sports centre workers and many more.

The reason their use is so broad and numerous is down to the inherent properties associated with fleece jackets and the fact they have been used so extensively throughout the UK that the adage "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" really does apply.
The material treatments used in the black fleece creation is proprietary and unique to different brands including Regatta but the general appearance and raw fabrics are the same throughout the industry. It’s colloquially known as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) try saying that fast with a mouthful of biscuits, each brand will add other synthetic fibres to the mix to create their own unique products.Tradtional Black Fleece

Workwear fleece jackets are sold in huge numbers

Some people believe fleece products to be a "natural" fabric which is almost universally false the misnomer is linked to the name of for the wool sheared off sheep which is known as the "fleece" but modern products are in no way natural.
The feel of the material is soft and very comfortable to wear which is why it has been so successful throughout the years, a good fleece should be soft, lightweight, durable and breathable which each fleece invariably will be because of the PET fabric deployed.
The workwear fleece in particular suits so many environments and work forces that they have been the mainstay for a large number of years and until the last 15 years or so most products were limited to either navy or the ubiquitous black fleece.

Today brands like Regatta have introduced products with many colours to suit different company requirements and professions, workwear products like the Thor III fleece is available in 10 different colour ranges including green, red, yellow and blue which covers the spectrum of in demand colour schemes for a variety of workforces.
However even with the introduction of such products the demand for the black fleece is as high as ever and even Regatta added the Sitebase fleece to their Hardwear range, (the only fleece in that range) which is available in one colour which is; surprise, surprise black. So these products are lightweight, soft, durable and breathable what are the drawbacks of these very successful and ever present workwear products?

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Those workers who are exposed to the elements will quickly tell you that a fleece is not the jacket to wear if it’s even slightly drizzling as the fabric will absorb water and become counterproductive for the wearer because of the added weight and the wicking of the water through to the under garments they are wearing. The inherent properties of fleece jackets are great in dry conditions but are at a major disadvantage in inclement weather which results in secondary products being bought to cope with the ever changing conditions which is never good for the bottom line.
Alternatively there are waterproof fleece available which are treated with chemicals to resist water completely like the TRA644 Omicron fleece but these are usually quite expensive and the whole point of buying fleeces in the first place is to minimise expense as they are usually considered inexpensive work clothing.

Softshells versus Fleece Jackets

That being said there is a ready-made replacement product which has the same assets of the typical fleece with no of the drawbacks: The softshell jacket. Softshells are inherently water resistant thanks to a combination mix of cotton and nylon usually but not restricted to a 60%/40% mix. Because of this fabric mix the softshells are soft and very lightweight and comfortable to wear and still holds a great level of breathability depending on the structure and the technology deployed by the constructing brand. Softshells are slightly more expensive than fleece jackets on the whole but when you consider they are cheaper and more effective than buying a jacket and a fleece then it makes more sense financially. In my opinion I would opt for a softshell option every time and I always give my customer’s the same advice when considering the working environments and the merits of both the workwear options.

Yet I still find the majority choose to opt for the traditional black work fleece option no matter what alternatives you present them. When all is said and done the old adage "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" is quite a powerful belief and one we may never overcome.

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