Why Don’t Clothes Fit?

Why do some clothes fit and some don’t?

Sounds like a very simple premise yet it appears to be a problem many of us suffer almost every time we buy clothing online and speaking from a workwear supplier perspective we need to address the issues for several reasons:

1. To make sure we offer the best service available for our existing customers and the new ones unfamiliar with Regatta work clothing.
2. The ability to know exactly what you are buying online as there are no changing rooms to compare the fit.
3. Returning goods which are not the right size is not an acceptable reason for a refund as this removes liability form the consumer and is not a lawful excuse in terms of a contract unless stipulated in the customer’s terms before the contract is entered into.
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I will look at the wider issues and the ones listed above to give a full bodied picture and the reasons why this article should be viewed before buying any clothing online and especially when customers are unfamiliar with brands and product fits.
Without looking for and securing full disclosure which leads to informed consent (agreement) before undertaking the valuable consideration element of the agreement consumers leave themselves in often tenuous and precarious positions and no amount of money thrown at legal advice can accomplish anything other than lining the already very sumptuous lined pockets of the solicitors. The onus and burden of responsibility is placed firmly on the consumer to seek out all they need before contracting.

Okay so that may make no sense at first look but this is only because it’s never been properly addressed in consumers eyes but this will help to fill in those gaps and help educate everyone buying their clothing online and hopefully alleviate any issues down the road.

ery good reasons for this but the main idea to keep in mind is there are ways to protect yourself from buying something you thought was one thing only to find it’s actually another and have essentially wasted your time and possibly your hard earned money. The clothing design is key to understanding the fit and sizing issues, this is particularly true when you consider buying clothing from a United States brand and a UK one. For example Dickies workwear construct their trousers to fit the sizing dimensions of the clothing where UK brands like Regatta construct their workwear trousers to fit the individual who will be wearing them. In other words if you buy a 34” pair of Dickies trousers they will not fit you if you wear 34” Action trousers by Regatta for example you will in fact need to look at 36” to fit comfortably unless you want to sport the sprayed on trouser look like Russell Brand circa 2004.

Make sure you ask for sizing kits when placing workwear clothing and uniforms

This can be confusing and it’s an expensive lesson to learn and one that if you are ordering a large consignment of workwear can cause huge delays and no end of nonsense for the firm, the workforce and the supplier where no one comes out looking good. In real terms if you measured the width of a pair of Dickies trousers at the waist (Belt loops) and double it you should get the exact measurement that the label states where if you measure a pair of Regatta trousers at the same area of the waist you will get a larger figure than stated so for example the 34” in Regatta’s will be approximate 35.5 -36” in circumference this means a man who wears these trousers and is a 34” waist (actual waist measurement) will be able to wear them comfortably. UK brands create a tolerance into their trousers as most brands realise that we are not built in 2 inch increments and some consumers will have larger hips, thighs, posteriors and waists.

No Tape just full Measures
The concept form a consumer point of view is to know your chosen brand so you will have to do some research if you are spot buying from a website however I would suggest an easy way to ensure you buy what you want rather than what you think you want, would be to call or email the company and have a conversation with someone who is informed so any mistakes are minimised. Without blowing our own horn at Regatta Workwear we already have that facility and the number at the top of each page so all questions can be answered by a team of experts who know the products inside out and if they don’t have the answers they have access to the data sheets and tech support to find out for you.
We actively encourage people to call because we know from our own experience on both sides that any grey areas can quickly look like someone is “trying it on” or trying to be difficult where a simple chat will remove any assumptions and presumptions. Often speaking to someone can be a deal breaker as customers receive confidence and their reservations can be explored and remedied through simple reasoning. This is often quite difficult when all you have is text to make a decision resulting in a pure “gut shot” guess which may lead to buyer’s remorse.Before you buy work clothing online call Regatta to make sure you have all the information you need. We will support you with sending out a sizing kit which for larger firms is the ideal way to ensure the workers can try before you buy.

Check for Sizing guides on all work wear clothing brands

It’s also vital to look for a sizing guide on the websites and particularly about the brand to make sure that a size large is in fact a large. We have plenty of stories about this happening from individual customers all the way up to large firms who have been stung with this issue in the past. At Regatta we want to eradicate this from our brand and our user experience but we need to engage with our customers to ensure this which is why we promote incoming calls and quickly follow up purchases online with courtesy calls to make sure orders are correct.

The very nature of shopping online is revolutionary and has changed the way several generations now shop and we are strong proponents and advocates of this ability hence the online store however there is an opportunity cost and one that can be quite expensive if not checked.
Where are the changing rooms? Well unless you’re a science fiction writer with teleportation capabilities, Steve jobs 2 years ago or some other ridiculously wealthy individual you won’t have the facilities or the disposable income to mess around with a garment in every size and colour to make a choice so it’s imperative for reasons of time and cost to get the order right first time.

Check the returns policy first, the onus is on the consumer not the seller

Consumers have been spoiled by large brands like ASOS and other notable High Street brands who offer a great returns policy on certain items of clothing and in fact most consumers assume (Incorrectly) that this is the industry standard.

For greater clarification let me state this for the record; it is not the industry standard or mandated by law under any circumstances statutes do not apply to nongovernmental entities. The reason ASOS and large brands do this is for customer service but also because they write the risk of returns into the price. Let me say this again they write the risk of returns into the price of the goods! You buy a pair of trousers at £30.00 you’re paying a premium price for the chance that some buyers will want refunds which means you’re paying up to 5 times what the garments are actually worth. By that principle we could charge you a hundred quid for softshell just in case someone wants to return it, well that would not be very good economically for you the consumer would it? Not to mention appalling for our sales turnover.

It looked alright on the website!!Although this may seem like a rant it’s far from it, the misinformation consumers often interpret often obscures what the real intention is. To put it another way it’s the carrot before the stick. You pay a premium price but have the option to return with no resistance, well that makes sense to a point however if you get the clothing order right in the first place then there is no need for a premium price as that makes no fiscal sense at all and serves to just enrich the supplier. That may result in one sale but not a succession of sales as the customer will look elsewhere. This concept only works when there is a monopoly on the goods or services and that includes a particular product that is “brands own” which is why these big players charge what they charge.

Buying Clothing without checking sizing or returns policy is remiss

By simple research you can make sure the products you want are correct and indeed the ones you needed, again make the calls and the emails to glean as much information as you can. If there is a significant order, request a sizing kit to make sure every worker is assigned the correct sized product at Regatta workwear this is standard practice for most firms looking to place a significant order. We have seen this issue thousands of times and so we endeavour to minimise the problems companies face with sizing so the kits effectively become a delivered changing room. This also reduces our risk and the time and energy needed to rectify mistakes which could have been prevented. If you are unsure then request a sizing kit to make sure as you really don’t want to be bogged down trying to get Big Phil the right sized trousers and jacket when he needs it yesterday.

>Returning goods is a minefield for both companies and consumers which I’ve partially covered in the previous section the issue is the lack of responsibility and liability by consumers in not reading the terms and conditions of the company they are buying from (Usually a tick box at the checkout phase) and setting their own terms before they buy. It may seem counterproductive to read the “legal” jargon and largely it is spurious and total nonsense however some T&C’s outline it in simple plain English what the terms are and in particular the returns policy. If you do not read and yet tick the box you have been informed and agreed to those terms which means assuming you receive the good and pay the required amount you have completed the contract. Trying to renegotiate after the fact is not advisable as its bad faith and is totally down to the company whether to help or disregard your payment.

Do not tick unless you have read the T&C’s or don’t expect much from the company and no recourse or remedy from the justice system unless you can show an injury.
When you buy any goods or services you enter into a contract which has three elements that make it lawful and binding in inherent jurisdiction the highest form of jurisdiction: 1 full disclosure of all terms and conditions so there is no surprises, 2, full informed consent which is only possible when you have full disclosure and 3, valuable consideration which essentially means you want the product in exchange for cash (or equivalent).
If you buy something which does not fit the onus is not on the supplier to accept the return and refund unless the goods are faulty. If the customer returns the goods for being the wrong size this is solely down to the supplier’s customer service whether he will refund the money especially when it’s stated clearly in their terms and conditions that it’s not an acceptable reason. The main issue with this is very few people take the responsibility for their own actions even in simple logical actions like returns which can be qualified and correctly secured with a simple phone call to the company and removes the presumptions and assumptions many consumers have with no understanding of contract law and liability.
In summation the main issue with buying online is the communication you would inherently acquire when shopping in a physical location and communication with the staff who work there who will cover all the conditions and policies as you liaise with them. Regatta Workwear’s philosophy is to create that same interaction albeit remotely to ensure we can inform, agree and exchange goods for money with no pitfalls and everyone feeling they have benefitted.

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