Which Waterproof jackets are the Best Options for 2014/15

Which Waterproof Jackets are the Best?

It’s often a matter of personal taste and style but there are three waterproof jackets which stand out from the Regatta Workwear in terms of performance, functionality and their wider applications for leisure pursuits making them ideal outdoor clothing.
The Three jackets are:

  • The Regatta Cavalcade Overhead jacket -TRW450
  • The Regatta Evader 3 in 1 Waterproof jacket – TRA137
  • The Regatta Rainform Waterproof Hardwear jacket – TRA367

Regatta Cavalcade Waterproof Jacket

The reasons these workwear jackets stand out are clear when you see them, wear them and experience the protection and comfort. The Regatta Cavalcade is brand new for 2014 and part of the Hardwear range which is designed to be just that little bit tougher and more durable than other workwear clothing. This is achieved by using more robust fabrics such as heavy duty taslan coupled with the waterproofing properties of polyester to create more abrasion resistant work wear clothing applications.
To put it another way the Cavalcade waterproof Jacket can be employed and deployed on building sites, Joinery tasks, plumbing jobs and scaffolding structures to name a few. The Cavalcade is “built to work” and will perform to the highest requirements in all weathers as well as extreme working conditions.

Other workwear jackets would be limited as they fabrics would be prone to rips and tears but the Regatta Cavalcade waterproof Jacket handles these obstacles with ease due largely to the weave of the fabrics utilised with the Regatta jackets construction. The lattice complex creates a much more robust tensile strength which allows for the jacket to take some serious hammer.
The one major asset all Regatta Workwear clothing is known for is the high levels of waterproofing and the Cavalcade jacket is no different.
This work wear jacket is made using Regatta’s own proprietary fabric “ISOTEX” which is both breathable and waterproof which allows for all round weather protection as well and a comfortable working environment for the wearer as any perspiration is dissipated and evaporated very efficiently.
This waterproof workwear jacket is packed with pockets for all fixings and storage needs and is an easily slip overhead design which creates a very large pouch pocket on the front of the Cavalcade.

Regatta Evader Waterproof Jacket

Next we have the TRA137 Regatta Evader which is by far one of largest selling products Regatta produce and is considered one of the best 3 in 1 jackets with its exceptional design offering both thermal protection as well as supreme weatherproofing. The Evader waterproof jacket is also made from ISOTEX fabric which allows for the same high levels of hydro performance and breathability you would expect from an X-Pro Jacket.
One of the main benefits of this waterproof jacket is the ability to remove the fleece and wear separately depending on the working environment and or the weather. The Evader is available in 2 distinct colours first is the typical black jacket with orange styling accents on the sealed zips then the bright oxford blue which is actually quite a good looking colour for the workwear jacket.
This Regatta product is guaranteed for 3 years in terms of waterproofing which makes it one of the best performing waterproof outdoor clothing on the market.
One main assert this work wear jacket has over other brands is the styling, Regatta use the same styling techniques in their work clothing as they do in their leisurewear so a few have great crossover appeal and can be worn outside of work conditions.

The price of the Regatta Evader Waterproof 3 in 1 Jacket is also quite competitive when you consider the performance levels that it is capable of, for a price of around £55.00 ex VAT you can secure the firm a world class, robust and protective waterproof jacket which by comparison if you were looking at other brand options you could be paying over £100.00 ex VAT easily. The added advantage of selecting work wear clothing for leisure activities is their construction as they tend to be built with the additional stresses workers can experience in mind so will have inherent longevity woven in the very fabric they are created from.

Regatta Rainform Waterproof Jacket

Finally we have the TRA367 Regatta Rainform waterproof jacket, this I must admit was not an initial favourite of mine as I assumed (incorrectly) that it was too weak to be considered a viable workwear jacket for the trades and other abrasive environments. The fabric feels like a sleeping bag in the respect it has a “puffy” feel so I thought this would be prone to tearing that was until I saw that the Rainform’s fabric is Ripstop. To drive this point home we field tested the waterproof jacket on a Joiner and asked them to treat it like a standard work jacket to see if it can handle the rigours as well as the weather. It more than coped with anything they could throw at it although we got it back in a filthy state this was proof it was indeed worthy of the Hardwear marque.
With a name like Rainform you can expect a jacket that is both waterproof up to 5000mm (Hydrostatic head) and breathable. The breathable element is something that should never be underestimated in workwear clothing as the wearers will tend to be quite active and will therefore generate a fair amount of perspiration which creates a very uncomfortable working environment. Waterproof jackets made from a polyamide derivative will keep the rain out but also trap the perspiration inside the garment leading to a belief that the jacket is leaking.
This is very prevalent after the wearer puts the workwear jacket back on after lunch and experiences cold and moist sleeves. As you can imagine this is not the greatest feeling and can easily be reduced if not eradicated by selecting breathable work wear garments.
The TRA367 Regatta Rainform Waterproof jacket is extremely breathable and can be easily turned inside out to allow all the moisture to dissipate quickly if the worker has only a few minutes to take the jacket off.
The “Puffy” feel is due to the Thermo-Guard protection which Regatta creates in selected waterproof jackets as this thermal asset creates a very effective barrier against heat loss and cold penetration using natures best insulator, Fresh Air. The Rainform Waterproof Jacket has fibres which create a lattice structure where air is trapped between these fibres thus creating a barrier to any cold penetration and allowing the heat the wearer generates to stay closer to the body.

These Waterproof jackets are prime examples of how Regatta Workwear has designed and built hardwearing and durable clothing with exceptional all weather protection which after all if you live in the UK you will see on an almost daily basis.
Our work wear clothing is built for the every changing climate and very heavy downpours ensuring the wearers performance won’t be compromised due to the weather.

See which Waterproof jackets are the Best

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