Which Jackets would be best for Spring Summer?

Waterproof Jacket or Waterproof Softshell?

Which waterproof jacket would work the best for spring and summer months is a question which allows pops up around this time of year. We’re still in the throes of an unpredictable winter were we have no snow but lots of rain and the usual cool temperatures and firms are looking for the spring and summer clothing like polo shirts and shorts as well as “thinner” outdoor clothing.
Regatta is still selling the hard-shell waterproof workwear jackets in great numbers but these garments are built for the colder times of the year and as we approach the spring and summer there is a need to have different clothing available that can cope with the showers and the occasional chill first thing in the morning and in the evening.

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Typically there are a few months where workers use winter jackets when there is a chill in the air then take them off when the temperature rises. These jackets are not designed to be worn in warm weather as anyone who has done so will not really rush back to try again. Jackets like these are great at keeping the wearers dry in wet weather but when it’s wet and warm the workwear becomes counterproductive.

Which jackets would be best for spring summer

Many firms are opting for a half way option between the jackets and fleece garments, which are no use in wet weather as the fabric absorbs the rain becoming heavy and uncomfortable. These options are workwear softshell jackets, the name relates to the feel of the fabric which are less rigid and imposing as some waterproof jackets can be. However the fabrics, usually polyester, are every bit as weather proof and some are waterproof such as the TRA 650 Hydroforce.
Most Regatta Softshells are extremely water resistant to the point that if the clothing had taped seams they would be designated with the “Waterproof Work Wear Clothing” label.

In practical terms waterproof is often a misnomer and isn’t actually what people think it is as you are only as waterproof as your weakest layer of clothing.
Even with work clothing designated as waterproof there is always the issues that are not related to the garments performance in the weather. Issues from the weather relating to unsafe working conditions, which are the main reason why job sites and tasks are often halted, abandoned or not started. Regardless of the work wear being used the prevailing winds and health and safety of the workers will always be a paramount concern as to the viability of the task at hand.

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When people want waterproof workwear what they are asking for could be considered overkill when other factors are considered and explored and this is where the Regatta Softshell jackets can really demonstrate exactly why they are adaptable, durable, protective and cost effective.
Softshells like the TRA656 Octagon 3 layer membrane jacket and Regatta Hydroforce waterproof jacket are ideal for the spring months with their cold or cool mornings and often tempestuous weather patterns as well as during the summer storms these jackets can be worn to keep the workforce dry without cooking them through like the thicker winter work wear jackets.

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Softshell jackets thermal performance can even be bolstered by selecting very good base layer to be worn underneath in the winter months. This adaptability essentially removes the need to opt for the big jackets as well, which will impress the bean counters.
Assuming the workers look after the workwear clothing these jackets will last you at least a year if not two (depending on the working environment and maintenance)

Corporate identity or image projections are always prevalent in any work wear purchase with the need to look clean, presentable and proficient at the core of all the Regatta Workwear designs so the softshells are no different and thanks to the design being more tapered (Fitted) they often look better than a bulky jacket.
All things considered when firms and organisations are looking for waterproof jackets and great all weather work clothing they should always consider the softshell options first then depending on their specific requirements broaden their search to include the thicker jackets.

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