When is the best time to buy Waterproof Workwear Clothing?

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It seems a straightforward obvious answer – When it rains.
This is often the problem when firms or individuals want to buy their waterproof workwear clothing. They wait right up until the weather becomes horrendous before they need the work wear in double quick time. In short to secure the best pricing and offers the best time to buy waterproof workwear clothing is during the summer months.

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There are a few factors to consider when buying waterproof clothing especially for work reasons and it’s never a good idea to wait until the heavens open and we suffer the downpours so prevalent to the UK.
This is the key point the weather is always going to be unpredictable due to the geographical location of the British Isles. Everyone knows that it will become cold in winter and warmer, if only slightly, in the summer. The months in between will invariably be wet, windy and very unpleasant.

The best time to buy waterproof workwear clothing would be when the suppliers and producers have lots of stock and will offer you great bulk discounts.
In real world terms that could mean your company could save a great deal of money by buying smarter rather than when the requirements arise.

Waterproof Jackets repel water with minimal absorption Waterproof Jackets repel water with minimal absorption

The UK weather dictates you will need great waterproof workwear clothing

This is of course apparent to anyone living in the UK for more than a year and as such there aren’t too many excuses for not better preparing your workwear clothing investment.
We understand that its more budgetary than lack of foresight but there are a few firms and individuals who only buy their waterproof work wear as and when they really need it.
It’s not just the waterproof clothing its footwear, headwear, safety clothing, PPE pretty much everything they require. It then becomes a rush and pressure job to turn the order around in double quick time for one reason or another.

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So when is the best time to buy waterproof workwear clothing?

If your firm is forward thinking or you are a sole trader who likes capitalising on bargains then right now (April May or June) would be the best time to buy all your waterproof work clothing. Why?

Typically workwear suppliers and manufacturers have lots of remaining stock left over from the cold winter months and they know they won’t be able to shift the workwear until the following autumn/winter which means it’s sitting in warehouses or on shelves costing those firms money.
So the savvy advanced companies can spot the opportunity of relieving the work wear companies of out of season clothing.

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There are no promises of course as most manufacturers will take this inevitable overflow of clothing into their budgetary projections but as the mantra goes: “If you don’t ask you don’t get”.

The clever firms will know that each year there are certain lines of waterproof workwear clothing that are classed as discontinued and therefore will be replaced by a more advanced model later that year and as such these items become a cost while they are taking up valuable space in the storage facilities.

A Cheeky Phone call can secure your firm Great waterproof Workwear at fantastic prices

So if one was so inclined they could be cheeky and proactive they could call up these work wear clothing companies and ask for what items are discontinued and therefore will be available at a discounted price. Those firms could very well source great waterproofs at a very, very competitive price.

There will be the inevitable caveats which will make sure that both parties are satisfied. The workwear companies will not want to sell ones and twos however they will look at shifting volume to free up space.
However there is still the scope for the individual customer to source ones and twos and save some money so for example a waterproof jacket which has been discontinued that year but is still in decent to good stock levels might be able to shave off £5-£10 per garment which may not sound like a lot but for making a quick phone call it can be well worth it. 

At Regatta Workwear we are certainly open to negotiation on all our work clothing current and non-current items. We offer bulk discount purchases and trade workwear accounts.
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Whatever work wear clothing, uniform or waterproof you require Regatta have several options which will tick boxes both in terms of performance as well as price.
Regatta offer bulk discounts on all products and can mix and match to suit each customer’s requirements. This applies if you are looking to utilise multiple products as we can place them all in one basket and offer preferential pricing.
Along with all uniform & workwear clothing orders Regatta offer a full logo service which includes embroidery and heat sealed printing allowing for every piece of clothing to embolden your company icons.

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