What's In a Logo

Embroidered Logos are ideal for workwear clothing

As workwear clothing supplier's part of our service is to provide a logo facility whether that is embroidery or printing onto the garments so our clients and customers have work clothing which identifies their company and promote identity and brand equity in the public's perception.
This concept is not new and has been undertaken by the biggest and brightest firms for hundreds of years it has only been in the last 140 years that idea of a company logo should be emblazoned onto workwear which the workforce wears.

Early adopters of this technique were Bass and of course Coca Cola who's stylised writing on the bottles is world renowned.
However over the last 10 years there has been a distinct split of the tacit agreement between the logo design and the printer's capacity by which I mean the design of the logo was always in line with the reproduction process needed to transfer the emblem onto the designated workwear clothing.

Regatta can reproduce your logo with embroidery or print on all your workwear clothing

We are encountering more and more logo designs which undoubtedly look great on a designer's very expensive Mac desktop but have a very limited chance of a reproduction to the same level of rendering especially when it comes to embroidery or at a cost which will be accepted as agreeable.
The concept of new logo designs for a large amount of firms seems to be ill advised and while the process can be seen as a great forward step to update the brand the execution is seldom thought through in terms of its practical applications.

These new logo's will have to be added to stationary, office equipment, vehicles, assets, buildings and of course clothing. If the customer wants their workwear printed the design can be replicated with relative ease if the printer has the latest technology and infrastructure to meet the requirements but this obviously raises the cost of the logo reproduction.
The main culprit to the rise in costs for the logo replication is the numerous colour schemes as well as the often very intricate detailing and construction which often include 3D styling configurations. With the rise of these type of logo's there has been a necessity to invest heavily in software, printing equipment and a top notch designer to cope with the increasing tendency to opt for challenging logo's.Free Logo Service

The cost for the reproduction infrastructure will push up prices for each logo which is unavoidable however the increase will be measured in pence rather than pounds.
The next issue for these firms with their new intricate emblems is the reproduction for embroidery and this can lead to a hike in costs to secure an actual accurate representation.

Your Uniform or Workwear Clothing can be embroidered or printed with your logo

Workwear products like fleeces need to be embroidered as heat sealing with diminish the finish of the fleece material leaving it flat and noticeably different from the rest of the garment. Embroidery is more expensive and is costed on the stitch count of the logo which often happens when we send out for the quotes. The customer is usually unaware of the cost increase from their previous artwork but considering the fact the new logo can be packed with many colours and has solid block colour parts and intricate to the point of ridiculousness we have to walk them through the reasons.

This can be a painful time for some firms when they are faced with paying what they consider over the odds for their embroidered logos but in fact it is the reality no matter which workwear embroidery firm they look at.
Regatta workwear offer a service which can eliminate a lot of the issues firms face when searching for new logo designs, we have a design team who have worked with some pretty big players to make sure their designs work when it comes time to reproduce on work clothing or redesign from scratch a new fully functioning logo which will work on clothing as much as they would on vehicles and assets. Please enquire if you wish to see example artwork or if you are looking for a few fresh ideas for your firm.

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>Ultimately the idea is to secure an accurate logo representation on the clothing which transmits your brand message, qualities and distinguishes your workforce from every other Joe out there.
Once you have your logo sorted the next step is choosing the right workwear…Please don't say you want grey! That's another minefield, if you do then better get in the car, come down to our offices, have a coffee, some biscuits and a chat. We'll walk you through it all without pulling your pants down on the price but you may have a few choices to make. Look forward to it, I'll get the kettle on.

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