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When choosing which work-wear trousers to buy there are more considerations to bear in mind than simply what size you take and whether or not your generous proportions will fit inside. But what things should you consider before shelling out your hard-earned cash on your next pair of trousers for work? Make sure you buy great workwear trousers that suit your requirements more than your expected budget.

Perhaps one of the main factors is the price. Although it may seem completely abhorrent to spend upwards of £30 for a pair of trousers that are only used for work purposes, it can actually be much more costly if you are tempted in by the lowest cost pair of workwear trousers and end up replacing them every week – especially if you work in a high stress environment, perform physical tasks on a regular basis, or work close to the ground (e.g. plumbing).

Workwear trousers are an investment in productivity. EH30050-Dickies-Eisenhower-Max-Trousers-Black

Buy great workwear trousers online through BHI Workwear

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However, you don’t need to be a tradesman or work in a high stress industry to experience wear and tear on your work clothing. Even minimal movement and relatively light work will cause degradation in the material’s fibres over time if they do not possess the adequate tensile strength.

Durability, protection and appearance are therefore the next key factors in choosing your work attire. You want to look presentable and professional whilst at work but you don’t want to be nipping down to the shops every weekend after tearing a nice hole in your freshly bought work trousers.

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At £19.50 ex VAT Regatta’s TRJ330 Action Trousers offer the perfect blend of affordability, toughness and stylish appearance. Regatta Action Trousers could be classed as driver’s trousers with knee patches for extra durability and fully water resistant material – perfect for working through a British summer!

For craftsmen and industry professionals, you will be looking for the more robust and durable options in your workwear trousers. You should check for triple-stitching on the crotch and seams, knee pad pockets and heavy gauge fabrics, such as those found on the Regatta TRJ323 Premium Workwear Trousers. At a special price of £19.99 ex VAT these premium work trousers cater for all craftsmen, plumbers, builders and tradesmen of all kinds.

Premium Workwear Trousers for High End Performance

For the absolute top end in durability and protection, you would be looking at the best workwear trousers that we offer – the TRJ335 Hardwear Holster Trousers. As well as providing full range of mobility so you are not impeded by your clothing at work, the Hardwear Holster Trousers offer the best longevity and resistance to abrasions and stresses at work. Aside from wearing a specialised HazMat chemical suit or a bullet-proof vest, you could not be better protected during working hours.

Buy the best workwear trousers online through BHI Workwear

try looking at the WD814 Dickies Redhawk Action Trousers

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