What Types of Workwear Trousers Are Best Suited For You?

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It seems an obvious question with an easy answer however most people who choose differing types of workwear trousers usually either follow other people’s choices or select them purely on price.
This is the same whether it is an individual buying the trousers or a buyer for a large firm. Great Workwear trousers

Choose a Workwear supplier who can advise rather than sell options

There are many different styles and functions of work trousers that need to be assessed to see if they are applicable to a given requirement and are of course cost effective for budgets.
What most people want and need is some advice, not a sales man or woman turning on the screws to get a sale, they need someone that can paint a picture of the pros and cons so they can make an informed decision and not suffer buyer’s remorse.

Buy great workwear trousers online from BHI

As I say there are many differing styles of work trouser and of course the multitude of brands out there professing and pontificating slogans and claims that are not as helpful as they would like to think.
Keeping it simple Regatta Workwear have a narrow selection to keep the choices limited and to reduce the white noise often encountered by having too much choice.
Below is a brief overview of the Regatta durable workwear trousers options and their best applications.

Buy great workwear trousers online from BHI Workwear

First we have the Regatta TRJ330 Action Trousers which are available in men’s and women’s configuration and have a wider colour configuration than our other work trousers ranges.
The Action trousers are durable as you would expect and are water resistant to keep the wearers legs dry when operating in the wonderful UK weather.
These workwear trousers are particularly useful as driver’s trousers rather than for trade work wear as they don’t have knee pad pockets and are not triple stitched on high stress areas.
They have an elasticated waist which allows for more comfort when in a sitting position for long periods.
The Regatta Action Trousers have a contemporary fit yet are not restrictive in the name of fashion. They have a lightweight design and are available in a wide size range 28”- 46” waist in the men’s range. Size 10-20 in women’s both configurations have short, Regular and long leg length (See our products range for size breakdowns and availability)

Second we have a great pair of Dickies trousers in the WD814 Dickies Redhawk Action Trousers.
These offer exceptional performance and durability without breaking the bank.
Despite their price the Dickies Redhawk Action trousers are comfortable to wear all year round even during the warmer months.
Buy Dickies WD814 Redhawk Action Trousers online through BHI Workwear – Call us direct if you would like to place a bulk order as we can offer better discounts to beat any like for like quote. 0333 101 4030 or 01709 918 766

Finally we have the new work trousers: The Regatta TRJ335 Hardwear Holster Trousers.
These are the best workwear trouser option we produce for the serious tradesman and craftsman.
The TRJ335 Holster trousers are triple stitched at high stress points, water resistant, very durable and have the necessary reinforcements to make these work trousers contenders to compete with biggest and best work wear brands trouser on the market.
The biggest asset to these trousers is by far the price at £31.26 ex VAT per pair they are more cost effective than other brands who by comparison charge upwards of £45.00 ex VAT for their products.
Our Regatta trousers are less known at present and for this reason we are entering a very competitive market with a superior product and a very attractive price.

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When selecting your work trousers whether for yourself or for a workforce you need to cover the salient points about what you need and want to ensure you do select the best products and not the best price in terms of expenditure.
The mantra “You get what you pay for” is always correct and with some guidance from the Regatta workwear team we can ensure you select the best product for your needs rather than our bottom line.

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Whatever work wear clothing, uniform or waterproof you require Regatta have several options which will tick boxes both in terms of performance as well as price.
Regatta offer bulk discounts on all products and can mix and match to suit each customer’s requirements. This applies if you are looking to utilise multiple products as we can place them all in one basket and offer preferential pricing.
Along with all uniform & workwear clothing orders Regatta offer a full logo service which includes embroidery and heat sealed printing allowing for every piece of clothing to embolden your company icons.

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