What to Look For When Buying Workwear Clothing in Bulk

Buying the Best Workwear Clothing Does Not Always Increase Expense

By its very nature, workwear clothing is predominantly designed to be bought and used in harsher conditions than typical clothing bought on the high street. And as such, there is a strong desire and need for work clothing, uniforms and corporate wear to be less expensive, as chances are it will only last a short period of time depending on the environment it is being used in.

In other words workwear is cheaper, but the concept is all relative as even a “cheaper” jacket can start to look expensive as a total price for multiple purchases for larger firms. Often the mistake for a firm is to opt for a cheaper product, but that is not the solution and can actually lead to more expense over the coming months with replacements and the failings of the often inferior product.

While we could discuss the price versus value in depth here, the bare bones of that argument is you get what you pay for in terms of workwear.

Buy Smarter When Sourcing Protective Work Clothing and Uniforms

Is there a solution? Like all issues concerning money that will be a yes and a no. There is no way to acquire a great workwear jacket, Uniforms, Corporatewear or any work clothing for that matter, which is of greater quality for a small amount of expenditure legally anyway. As aforementioned, you get what you pay for.

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The best way to tackle the issue though, is by approaching workwear clothing suppliers directly, in search of quotes on the selected garments to get the best price.

The best place to start is by approaching workwear clothing, uniforms and corporatewear supplier companies who make it clear they offer bulk order discounts or trade discounts. This approach will at least allow you to source quotes for the work clothing to compare, before proceeding to the next level of discussion.

Look for Great Deals from all Workwear, Corporatewear and Uniform Clothing Suppliers

The next step is to make sure you can trust them, as a cheaper price is not always a good indicator of great service or great value for money. Buying from online workwear & Uniform suppliers can be a double-edged sword, as the cheaper operators may have very few overheads, operating out of bedrooms or garage/storage areas, thus negating their working knowledge of what the work wear clothing can do, or more pertinently what it can’t do.
Speak to someone about the best workwear clothing for you and your requirements

Worse could be if the buyer has a specific requirement in specialised work wear clothing such as Multi-Norm or chemical suits/Haz-Mat clothing, and is searching based upon price alone.

The main concept to consider from a suppliers point of view is: if the order is of a significant volume, they can and will reduce the total price for that order.
If it is a huge order, the economies are scaled to ensure the prices should decrease, which will offer significant savings for the buyer in terms of outlay, with no compromise on the quality of the workwear or uniform products.

Simply put, whether you are a behemoth of a company with dozens of warehouses or a small firm with a few employees, you can achieve greater savings by searching for and asking for bulk order discounts.

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BHI Workwear has a great history of working with our clients for one simple reason: good business is repeat business. It’s not about the next sale, but the next hundred sales, and to do make this an effective strategy, the long game is seeing customers come back time and time again. If you would like a quote for any protective workwear, bespoke uniforms, exceptional coproratewear and specialised PPE, or want any further information on our superb product range, simply call us direct on 0333 101 4030, or send us an email at sale@bh-i.com.

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