What To Look for When Buying Waterproof Clothing

Always Check with the Supplier first before buying waterproof clothing

The premise of buying any kind of PPE and protective clothing sounds like one of those things which should be straight forward and easy to do which it is if you have the right people advising you. There are more specialised PPE which will need a little more knowledge from buyer and supplier however for today’s purposes we will concentrate on buying waterproof clothing and what you as the buyers should look for in both suppliers and also the products. You should always check the suppliers details before placing the order when you are buying waterproof clothing especially as there may be better options from other workwear brands available.

Waterproof Jackets repel water with minimal absorption Waterproof Jackets repel water with minimal absorption

The supplier should have a number to call and speak to someone

preferably someone who knows the products and more importantly the applications which each product is suited for. There is no benefit in speaking to someone at any clothing supplier who only knows the price and not whether the clothing is suited for the buyer’s needs. BHI Workwear operate slightly differently to a lot of clothing suppliers out there and make sure we know what our products strengths are and indeed what the limitations are to ensure the right information is passed along allowing for more informed buying decisions to be made.

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So what do you need to look for in terms of work clothing which is waterproof as well as durable to cope with a working environment? Like all products you only get what you pay for and it may sound like a sales pitch but when you factor in the additional charges ancillary to the price tag such as purchase order raising, down time, loss of productivity the price is not the cost. That is not to say that our protective workwear clothing is not priced like gold but it does serve to give an indication that buying a £10.00 jacket is not necessarily the wisest investment. If the primary focus for your work wear clothing is to protect against wet weather Regatta offer some great options across the pricing spectrum from the good to the better and to the best which will be the Regatta X-Pro or Hardwear premium work clothing. If you need more durable waterproof work clothing we offer jackets and softshells which are built with abrasions in mind and actually have reinforcements engineered into the design and construction.

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This is where the budget comes into the mix – Regatta do offer waterproof work clothing which are perhaps more budget friendly such as the MW248 Packaway II waterproof jacket. This jacket is ideal to use in sudden downpours as it can be worn over other workwear clothing and can be easily stored after the rain has stopped. The issue would be the lack of thermal protection which has limitations during the colder periods of the year which would mean your firm would require clothing which has thermal insulation as well as wet weather protection. The TRW297 Regatta Dover Bomber Jacket would fit this category with ease and distinction and is by far one our Regatta’s biggest sellers. The limitation with this waterproof product would be the lack of breathability and the resistance to abrasions. The Dover is great in the wet but if you need waterproof clothing for harsher environments like construction, farm work or even DIY then you would be better suited looking at the TRA369 Regatta Fusepoint Parka – This jacket has all the bells and whistles to allow for exceptional productivity no matter what the weather is doing. The Fusepoint is waterproof and breathable with the hardwearing fabric to make working in abrasive environments no issue at all.

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The prices do represent the functionality and as a rule of thumb when using Regatta products the higher the price tag the more equipped the clothing is for harsher conditions whether that be wet and cold weather or working environments. Regatta Workwear do offer bulk order discounts which will reduce the price down offering greater economies for any buyer from any sized firm. Our bulk discounts start from 5 products upwards and we can add all the clothing you require into one basket to get the best pricing overall for you entire order. Call our team now on 0333 101 4030 for bulk discounts and account set ups or email sales@bh-i.com with a brief description of what you need and a contact number and we will call you straight back.

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