What is the Optimal Waterproof Workwear outfit?

What is the optimal waterproof workwear clothing

The principle of having the optimal waterproof workwear outfit is one that many clients seek without knowing it unless they have experience in kitting out various numbers of workers.
Most clients would assume that having a great waterproof jacket would be sufficient enough in providing their workforce with enough protection against the elements.
This is only part of the equation as the workers legs will also need to be protected from the wet and the cold weather. So What is the Optimal Waterproof Workwear outfit?

The Best Men's Waterproof Jackets - online through BHI Workwear The Best Men's Waterproof Jackets - online through BHI Workwear


what waterproofing actually means in terms of workwear clothing.
The adage you are only as waterproof as your weakest layer is paramount to addressing the inevitable issue of soaking wet and miserable workers. There are clients and firms who choose a great jacket for their staff and proceed without any consideration for the trousers. This is something we at Regatta Workwear will advise on and it’s actually quite economical in terms of productivity and functionality.

Durable Waterproof Workwear Trousers

The simple solution would be to simply choose a great pair of waterproof overtrousers like the Regatta MW348 Packaway II or the Regatta Chandler II over trousers. These garments offer both high water resistant as well as being breathable which is essential if your workforce is active and will generate a fair amount of perspiration.
For a price of around £12.00 you can secure your firm a solid pair of workwear trousers which will fit over the usual pair they wear and add a new dimension on weather protection.

Regatta Workwear have a dedicated team of experts who know our products inside and out and can fully advise on what solutions you need to cater for your specific working requirements. Whether you need protective waterproof workwear clothing or a simply a great fleece for warehouse staff our team can assist you fully.
Our aim is to advise you rather than sell into you as this could be construed as a short term goal and long term loss. We want to build relationships with our clients who have confidence in our ability to advise them on the best work wear products for their tasks.
Our waterproof workwear jackets and softshells will cope with anything Mother Nature can throw down, we know as we’ve tested a few of the jackets in extreme conditions to establish this.

From taking the Marauder out on a long dog walk in the worst rain to hit England in the last 200 million, billion years or demonstrating to a customer how waterproof the Evader jacket is by using a hose pipe and a gullible “model”.
The Workwear garments are proven to work and do just that.

Buy Great waterproof workwear clothing online through BHI Workwear

Firms can pay a fortune for a jacket that has all the bells and whistles in terms of weather resistance but no one really wants to spend £100.00 on a jacket for 50 or 100 workers which is going to be used for work and will be exposed to some potentially horrendous conditions and abrasions. Even the best clothing is often treated like trash and abused so there is a over whelming concern that is a trade-off between price and functionality.

This is exactly why Regatta Workwear clothing is exceptional as the prices are on the right side of budget limits and the performance is high enough that you would be forgiven for thinking the price quoted is wrong.
Ultimately the workwear clothing we offer will perform to the highest levels and like most brands we have good, better & best garments.
We will always listen to what you want and map out which Regatta clothing you will need to and together you will have all the elements you need to feel secure that you have made the correct choice first time out.

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At Regatta Workwear we strive to give our clients and customers what they need rather than what they think they need. It’s more important that the customers receive work wear clothing that performs to the necessary requirements they have.
This sometimes means steering them towards other products for the simple reason if they buy a jacket and it does not perform then the fault lies with us and the jacket in some customer’s eyes.

Our aim is to minimise this potential issue by offering choices and the information to back them up so the customers can make an informed decision.

We advise, assist and guide it’s more important to our business that we get it right first time than it is to simply sell anything.

We offer bulk order discounts on all major brands of Workwear clothing, specialist package deals for individual requirements and man packing facilities if firms are buying for a larger workforce.

Call 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com to find out more.

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