What is the best way to buy uniforms or workwear clothing?

How do you know you are buying the best uniform clothing or workwear for your company requirements?

The short answer is you don’t unless you are familiar with the specific workwear clothing or uniforms you require.
How do you mitigate the main issue of buying uniforms and work wear clothing essentially blind?
A company seeking specialist clothing including corporate uniforms needs to speak to a supplier who will advise rather than sell them the required garments.
There needs to be a trust that is established allowing each potential customer feels they are receiving the best workwear clothing for their specific requirements.

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How does BHI Workwear do this?
We know what works and what doesn’t and if a customer wants a £9.00 pair of workwear trousers this may not be the best course for them over a given time line in terms of their workwear and uniform budget.
It’s no good buying the same £9.00 pair of trousers five times year for each worker if a £25.00 pair will last them the entire year.
The price difference may seem prohibitive at first look but when you factor in the other variants the more “expensive” workwear trouser will actually be much more cost effective.
This is how BHI Workwear operates. We will do the leg work for each of our customers to allow them to concentrate on their original field of expertise rather than spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to source uniform clothing, PPE or specialist workwear.
We genuinely want to supply all our customers with the best uniform clothing for their individual requires and budgets.

Buy Corporate Uniforms, Work Shirts, polo's and much more at BHI Workwear Buy Corporate Uniforms, Work Shirts, polo's and much more at BHI Workwear

Buy the best uniform clothing for you work by speaking to experts at BHI Workwear

At BHI Workwear we like to make things really simple and straightforward for our existing customer and very much so for the new ones which is why we prefer to talk about what you actually need perhaps more than what you want.
That means we can actually present you with a package that ticks all the boxes and has covered most of the known obstacles.
It’s not always about price or at least it shouldn’t be which coming from a supplier may sound obvious but that’s not really the case.
If BHI Workwear does our job correctly we will actually make less profit on that one sale than if we sold a company an inferior uniform garment however if we provide the level of service and trust we will go some way to securing the next sale and the next almost guaranteeing repeat business.
BHI Workwear are not looking for next sales it’s about building relationships for the next hundred sales.

All corporate clothing & uniforms are responsive to embroidery at BHI Workwear

After you have selected the best corporate clothing and uniforms for your individual outfit the next element under consideration is the personalisation or logo application and what medium or method would suit you the best.
Depending on what the workwear or uniform clothing is required for we would probably recommend embroidery on the front left breast however you can pretty much embroider anywhere on the garments including the sleeves and collars if you are selecting corporate shirts.
Our team will help you choose what will work best for you and your company artwork and logo
Call us on 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com for more information on corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and all other kinds of specialist PPE.

BHI Workwear supply some of the worlds leading brands with their uniforms embroidered BHI Workwear supply some of the worlds leading brands with their uniforms embroidered

We are also main distributers of brans like: Scruffs, Snickers, Dickies, Mascot, Regatta, Helly Hansen, Orn, Pulsarail, Pulsar, Gildan, Kustom Kit, Cofra and many others.