What is The Best Waterproof Workwear Clothing?

Is there such a thing as the best waterproof workwear?

The idea of what is the best waterproof workwear clothing is of course extremely subjective due to many factors including cost, performance and personal taste. The idea of the best waterproofs will differ when concerning individuals and companies, companies will tend to value the lower priced products while the individual may value the performance over the cost.

Regatta have a great reputation for producing some of the best waterproof outdoor clothing without costing the earth which makes the brand ideal to enter the workwear industry. Taking the same principles and applying them to the more abrasive working environments which is an area that still has unpredictable weather to contend with and will pay off massive dividends for us.

Waterproof Jackets repel water with minimal absorption Waterproof Jackets repel water with minimal absorption

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Regardless of what job is being undertaken there is a need to protect against the rain as well as the cold these jobs can be indoor as well as outdoor. For the sake of this post let’s concentrate on wet weather protection. There is not one jacket or trouser which can be described as the “best waterproof work wear clothing” that ideal would depend on many factors however what I can say with confidence is Regatta will offer jackets, softshells and trousers which will meet that ideal concept for each buyer.

A farmer will have different needs than a construction worker, a festival goer will have different needs than a rural vet. Regatta offer options for each of those roles as well as many others and each will serve to offer the best clothing for their own individual requirements. Follow this link to see the best waterproof workwear clothing Regatta offer.

BHI Workwear Offer Discounts on the best waterproof work wear clothing

Let’s assume we offer the best jacket for a worker the next question should be how cost effective is it? Again this is an abstract concept as every company will have a different opinion on what is the best price however there is a typical consensus approximate price. To make the purchase of waterproof clothing more attractive suppliers will offer bulk order discounts for every buyer whether that is a small firm or a larger company. Great examples of weatherproof clothing would be the Regatta Evader Jacket, The Regatta Packaway II waterproof jacket and the Hardwear Fusepoint Parka.

The idea BHI Workwear work towards is to create a package which offers the best work clothing for the best price so an example would be offering FREE logo applications on an order of 5 waterproof jackets or a 20% discount on an order of 25 interactive fleeces. All prices are negotiable at Regatta a quick call to our team or email could help you or your company source a great price as well as products which will offer great performance and protection for your workforce. Call 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com with a brief description and a contact number and we will call you back with more information for you to make an informed choice.

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