What Is The Best Waterproof Jacket?

What is the best waterproof jacket? BHI Workwear will help you find out

The principle of what is the best waterproof jacket or what is the best outdoor clothing is misnomer as the concept of “The best..” is so subjective it really doesn’t hold much merit. However as I’ve already titled this post as such I endeavour to place this in some context.

Regatta like a few other workwear brands produce clothing which is predominantly based around wet weather protection with the exception of fleeces perhaps (The Waterproof Omicron Fleece notwithstanding). Considering the UK suffers so much cold and wet weather that our summers can be measured in hours and days rather than weeks and months it should be a fundamental mission for all workwear brands to create outdoor clothing which offers greater protection to the elements.
By utilising performance fabrics, great design and making sure they garments are highly functional in very active and abrasive environments.

BHI Workwear stock all major brands and their waterproof jackets options

This simple well known fact is lost on so many work clothing brands that for years workers were left with two options, they either buy outdoor jackets and trousers that are designed for windy walks and use them for their work tasks or they pay premium prices for “specialised” workwear clothing which is both waterproof and offers thermal protection.

This is where Regatta Workwear enters the fray, with our heritage of creating high performance outdoor clothing for people who like spending their free time in the country in all weathers it was a natural step to apply the designs and expertise to creating functional and durable products for the work clothing industry.
The advantage we hold over all workwear brands is; they all started out selling work clothing and some have even ventured into the leisurewear market as a result of their success.
Regatta were founded on selling leisurewear jackets to people in Manchester and have built a very loyal following with outdoor enthusiasts due largely to the outstanding performance and more attractive prices by comparison.

Because Regatta’s genesis was in the leisurewear field, a field that is incredibly hard to cultivate and grow, it garnered a platform which meant the transition into the workwear market was built on solid foundations and easily recognised values. These values are already in the conscious sphere of influence when people are looking for functional outdoor clothing and waterproof jackets they know Regatta as a brand and they know what they are getting when they buy the clothing.
Other workwear brands have to compete with other more well-known brands in the industry where it’s about perception and then performance. This can be the undoing of new start-ups as many workers tend to stick with specific clothing unless they are either sold something new or the clothing they currently use falls short in some way.
Regatta simply have to tell the prospects that we now create and build our own waterproof workwear and the recognition is already there. This principle is key to building sustainable success throughout the work clothing industry.

This brings us neatly on the original principle: What is the best waterproof jacket?

From a workwear perspective the best waterproof jackets are those which keep you dry from the rain, dry from the perspiration generated when working and don’t cost the earth to kit out the workforce. The jackets should allow for great ranges of motion and limit any restrictions to the worker to a bear acceptable minimal limit. Essentially the workwear jackets should add a layer of protection that will not inhibit the ability to perform a specific task.

From a buyers perspective the price seems to be the foremost concern or at least it is until the buyers have opted for the cheap option which invariably ends up costing more than the more expensive alternatives thanks to replacements and poor performance. So the best outdoor waterproof jackets need to offer great value without compromising on performance which is exactly where Regatta Workwear has positioned itself.

Warm, Dry, Functional are key assets for all workwear clothing

Our Outdoor jackets and Softshells are designed to keep the wearer’s warm, dry and functional. It’s as simple as that and with prices that are extremely competitive the Professional clothing has the potential to capitalise on the already well-established Regatta brand and carve out a very impressive presence that will cause the other workwear clothing brands to sit up, take notice and up their game which in the end will always benefit the clients, customers and the guys who wear the garments in the every unpredictable UK weather.

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