What are the Best Workwear Softshells?

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At BHI Workwear we have a full range of work wear softshells that will produce excellent functionality and performance but some softshell jackets are more equipped or specialised for certain roles. In other words there is not one jacket option that will be perfect for all environments but there are a few which come close. So what are the best workwear softshells?

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Softshell jackets are a difficult product to explain what they are and can do without actually seeing and wearing one. People have bought fleeces for indoor work and then jackets for the rain outdoors and looked at softshells as a bit of a white elephant which is actually quite wrong.
Regatta Softshell jackets are heavily promoted as long term replacements for workwear fleece garments as the fabrics (Polyester weaves) make them inherently water resistant which most fleeces are not. In fact it would be quite prudent to consider softshells as having all the benefits of fleeces but none of the drawbacks. While fleeces will always be a big seller the more workers are exposed to the elements the need for more adaptable workwear clothing arises without having to opt for a thick waterproof winter jacket.

While it may be down to personal taste and experience we find the best workwear softshell Jackets are the ideal clothing to wear for a wide range of tasks and activities indoors and out. The fabrics used in their construction are designed to retain body heat and to reduce water penetration. In fact most Regatta Softshells are almost waterproof and the only reason they are not classed as such is because some the garments seams are not sealed.
However in real terms this is often seen as a weakness when it shouldn’t as discussed in previous articles waterproofing is often a misnomer. Most softshells can handle decent downpours with ease as they won’t be the clothing that soaks through first that would usually be the trousers they are wearing.

Regatta Softshell Jackets Performance Is Exceptional

Two stand out examples of Regatta Softshells are the TRA656 Octagon and the TRA650 Hydroforce waterproof softshell. Both these work wear garments are prime examples of supreme engineering and functionality. The Regatta Octagon is extremely water resistant bordering on waterproof although we cannot label it as such as the seams are not sealed but thanks to a 3 layer membrane construction the Octagon is almost waterproof. The first layer is created using the polyester fabric and Softshell XPT which is Regatta’s own material this adds a great level of water resistance as well as tough and durable resistance to stresses endured during working tasks. The mid layer adds a level of wind resistance to stifle any cold penetration so the wearer can operate in relative comfort oblivious to the wind chill factor at least on his upper body.
The 3 layer pertains to the heat retention of the garments and allows air to be trapped creating a barrier to maintain excellent thermal performance.

The Regatta Octagon Softshell Jacket is styled very much like a leisure jacket and can be used in wider applications outside of work and thanks to the price being very reasonable it has been bought in large numbers for that very reason.


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The Regatta Hydroforce Waterproof Softshell is as the name alludes to is a waterproof jacket and by far one of the best softshell garments there is on the market for both work and for leisure. The styling is superb and offer three great colours to choose from including a very striking red option.
Very similar to the Regatta Octagon the Hydroforce Softshell is made using Softshell XPT and a stretch fabric to work with the wearer during stretching movements.
The Regatta Hydroforce Waterproof softshell is made from a very similar 3 layer membrane structure as the Octagon which provides the high levels of waterproofing, wind protection and the heat retention.
The Regatta Hydroforce has great styling accents and is perfect for those tasks which require great functionality and range of motions where traditional jackets have always been seen as bulky and prohibitive in certain roles the waterproof softshell can actually be a hug benefit to the worker who needs to stay dry and warm while working. With a good level of layering these softshells can essentially replace the need to buy the winter jackets full stop saving more money for the firm.

Functional Workwear Clothing Working in Combination

One last product we would like to mention is the TRA788 Regatta Flux Bodywarmer, although it is not a softshell jacket it is a softshell bodywarmer and as such has some beneficial uses when combined with the Hydroforce and Octagon Softshells which adds another layer of fabric that creates more heat retention and less heat dissipation.
The Regatta Flux is lightweight, cost effective and comes in both men’s and women’s configurations. While Bodywarmers are not to everyone’s tastes the added advantage of a workwear softshell body and arms free to undertake other tasks with no restrictions is a bonus and these work wear garments are ideal for joiners who can take of the waterproof jackets when indoors but who need some thermal protection.

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