What Are the Best Waterproof Jackets for Work and Play

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Without delving into the great numbers of applications jackets can be used for we should concentrate on the main protective features, in this case the weatherproof nature, that way we can examine what are the best waterproofing qualities for any jacket or coat or indeed any clothing you will need when venturing out into bad weather. So what are the best waterproof jackets for work and how good are they?

The best weatherproof and water resistant jackets will have multiple coatings and treatments to the already “non-permeable” outer fabric to improve the way water slides off the surface. A great deal of fabrics including the ones considered waterproof do have a saturation point when they actually absorb water into the garment. This will not typically transfer to the wearer in the short term but can over many hours which is obviously not a desirable quality for any piece of outdoor clothing. Water proof treatments repel water and allow it to flow off the garment keeping the performance of the jacket at its most optimal. These features should be considered to secure the best waterproof jackets for work and play.

Great waterproof jackets for work and for play - Regatta offers exceptional value for money Great waterproof jackets for work and for play - Regatta offers exceptional value for money

The best waterproof jackets for work should offer great value as well as performance

What does this mean for the consumer? If you or your workforce are going to be exposed to extreme weather for extended periods a cheap and cheerful “waterproof jacket” will not be the choice for you. This is not to say you have to spend and arm or leg on an all singing and dancing jacket but it does mean you have to consider that performance of the garment in harsher conditions and how the potential failure in those environments will adversely affect the performance and productivity of your workers. The best waterproof jackets for work and play will have significant treatments as well as a handy, albeit technical, gauge to see who well they perform in horrendous weather this is known as a hydrostatic head measurement.

In very simple terms the waterproof jacket’s fabric is tested in laboratory conditions with a column of water measured in millimetres applied to the material to test how long it takes for the water to penetrate. The higher the figure the better the performance of the fabric in wet weather conditions.

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Most Regatta waterproof garments have hydrostatic heads to 5000mm other brands will opt to pursue higher figures in the belief their garments are more superior in performance to other competing brands.

Which on one hand is true however, you will pay a premium for this increased waterproofing of the jacket. On the other hand there is a fallacy that the better the waterproof jacket the drier you will be in the wet. This is a fallacy for the simple reason that you are only as waterproof as your weakest clothing layer and while the top half of the body will be protected often overlooked will be the legs of the wearer which tends to have pockets full of wallets, mobile phones and cash which tend not to like water. Even if you wear waterproof trousers you would have to make sure your footwear was also waterproof this makes the clothing, uniform or workwear outfits extremely expensive and not likely to be implemented.

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In reality most people whether they are wearing the jackets for work or for play will tend to wear jeans or trousers which obviously negates the ultra-high performance of whatever singing and dancing jacket is being worn. So in reality the best waterproof jackets are not always the most expensive ones they are the ones which have great design and a price that is both attractive to buyers for workwear as well as the weekend ramblers who like wet and windy walks. The next step would be to talk to someone in the know about your choices this would be the next step for those buyers who are kitting out a workforce and need to operate within a budget. Why not try us as you’ve just read the article above. Call 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com

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