What are the best Men’s Waterproof Jackets?

Are The Best Men’s Waterproof Jackets always the most Expensive?

Well as we are one of the main stockists of Regatta Clothing it would be easy to jump to the assumption that I would automatically say the best men's waterproof jackets are Regatta's.
It’s not quite that straight forward as the term “best” is subjective and has other facets which need further explanation.
If you were looking at the best men’s waterproof jackets for your leisure time you could associate price and certain brand values as a guide to the equity and performance they would give.
There is not a long wrong with this assumption and a great many people use it at least as a foundation to find out more about the jackets before they buy.

The Best Men's Waterproof Jackets - online through BHI Workwear The Best Men's Waterproof Jackets - online through BHI Workwear

But what about if you were buying waterproof workwear jackets for a workforce would this change the landscape?
Of course it would – the higher priced garments would no longer become viable unless there was a specific regulation required such as multi-norm clothing.
In fact price works in reverse in this instance where firms looking to buy the workwear clothing are looking for the lowest price they can secure for the best jackets fit for their work requirements. If you would like to see and buy the best waterproof workwear jackets by Regatta follow this link.

Buy the best men’s waterproof jackets online through BHI Workwear

As BHI Workwear deals primarily with uniforms and work clothing this is the area we should look at in terms of “What are the best Men’s Waterproof Jackets”
If we look at price and performance as an overview we can then talk more with you about specific options if and when you choose to buy one of our products on a case by case basis.

Regatta has a pricing structure which gives great value for money without compromising on the performance of the clothing and by that I mean the waterproof jackets are protective, warm, durable, professional and functional – Within those core concepts there is a product structure like every other workwear brand of: Good, Better and Best.

The “Good” jackets will protect against the weather to a very high standard yet won’t rupture the bean counters pockets.  A great example would be the Waterproof Regatta Dover Jacket – which at a starting price of around £26.00 ex VAT for a single unit offers great value. BHI still consider this to be one of the best men's waterproof jackets ideal for work or leisure.
Of course all Regatta waterproof jacket prices are negotiable and we offer bulk discounts across each and every product. Call us 0333 101 4030 to find out more.

The “Better waterproof workwear jackets” would have a few more innovations employed and deployed including breathability in the fabric which allows for greater comfort and performance as well as 3 in 1 configurations which includes removable fleece or softshell jackets within the main product.
A good example of a “better” men’s waterproof workwear jacket would be the Regatta Benson II 3 in 1 Jacket with prices starting around £49.00 ex VAT for one piece.

Finally we have the “Best men's waterproof jackets” which include the best fabrics Regatta create as well as all the bells and whistles that you may find on leisurewear jackets by us and other brands. This is of course without the added cost of buying from the High Street.
In other words the Best Regatta Waterproof jackets offer unbelievable performance at workwear prices.
A good example of the “Best” men’s jacket would be the Trekmax II Waterproof Jacket. This is an X-Pro jacket and as such is a premium product with a premium price of £65.00 ex VAT for one piece.

Bulk Discounts on all waterproof jackets, uniforms and workwear clothing through Regatta

Of course this is a short brief into what we consider to be the best options in terms of jackets for work and only offers a few broad strokes.
If you are looking to buy for yourself or a larger workforce we would always recommend you call us to discuss your specific needs as we can advise you much better one on one leaving you able to make an informed decision based upon all the benefits.
Regatta have a full logo service including embroidery in house and we offer discounts across all the range.
Call us today on 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com

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