What Are The Best Fleece Jackets?

Is there such a thing as the best fleece jacket?

There are many customers who often ask: What are the best fleeces? What are the best fleece Jackets?
Perhaps more pertinently; what are the best fleeces for their specific budget?

We can look at this section as kind of a review of some of the Regatta fleece jackets on offer so you can make more of an informed decision based upon requirements you need.

Main factors which need addressing first before we can delve deeper: What is the budget and what purpose or functional do you require the clothing for?

How much do you want to spend on a fleece jacket?

The Regatta Fleeces start from £9.60 ex VAT for the TRF549 Micro Zip neck fleece all the way up to £35.90 ex VAT for the Regatta Omicron II (Special Offer)
The most popular fleece jackets that are sold in ones of two are the TRF532 Thor III Fleece Jacket, The new Regatta Seismic Fleece which is part of the Hardwear range and the Asgard II fleece jacket.
These garments offer fantastic performance at a good price.

Special consideration should be guided towards the Regatta TRF556 Seismic Fleece jacket as this garment is brand new for 2014 and as it’s part of the Hardwear range there are several key components which have been added to make this fleece more robust and durable in harsher working environments. Regatta have added polyamide over lays to high wear areas such as the elbows and shoulders which will ensure great resistance to the usual wears and tears that are the foils to many work wear fleece garments.TRF563-Regatta-Elevator-Hooded-Fleece-Jacket

The TRF532 Thor III Fleece Jacket deserves special accreditation as being one of the best sellers for both individual purchases and for larger firms as the economies of scale are excellent.
For a fleece to be interactive with other Regatta Jackets, come in many sizes and many different colours to suit diverse job roles and capacities and to be priced under £15.00 ex VAT is somewhat rare.
BHI Workwear supply one of the biggest warehouse firms in Europe with the Regatta Thor III Fleece because of the high performance and value for money as well as one man bands who are looking for something reliable and dependable.

At this point is should be worth noting that BHI Workwear offers bulk order purchase discounts so if you are looking for a few garments we can put a special price together for you to ensure you receive the greatest value relating to the amount you want to order.
BHI Workwear also accepts Paypal payments, Worldpay credit card payments and we also accept card payments over the phone handled by one of our team of experts.

Buy the best fleece jackets online through BHI Workwear

It may seem a strange question to ask for specifics but we would need to know what you intend to use the best fleece jackets for as this can help us narrow down your choices and also eliminate clothing that is not applicable.

An example would be: Are you working outdoors? If the answer is yes then we would advise looking at other workwear products instead of the fleece jackets as fleeces do not function in wet unpredictable weather very well and can actually become a hindrance for the wearer.
However if you are working indoors and need something comfortable and warm then we could select a few options in the fleece ranges which vary only in terms of material thickness and therefore potential thermal performance.

Contact BHI Workwear for advice rather than a sales pitch

Essentially before you buy and take a guess, albeit an educated guess, try calling us to find out more about our products and which ones would best suit your specific requirements.
Regatta Workwear will walk you through your choices so you have all the information you require to make an informed decision and therefore increase the chance of a successful purchase greatly.

Bulk Discounts on all uniforms and workwear clothing – Full embroidered Logo Service

Whatever work wear clothing, uniform or waterproof you require Regatta have several options which will tick boxes both in terms of performance as well as price.
Regatta offer bulk discounts on all products and can mix and match to suit each customer’s requirements. This applies if you are looking to utilise multiple products as we can place them all in one basket and offer preferential pricing.
Along with all uniform & workwear clothing orders Regatta offer a full logo service which includes embroidery and heat sealed printing allowing for every piece of clothing to embolden your company icons.

Call us today on 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com

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