What Are Softshell Bodywarmers And Are They Useful or Work

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What are Softshell bodywarmers? Bodywarmers also known as Gilets (pronounced jee-lays) can be very useful and versatile items of clothing. They provide a happy medium between weight, warmth and manoeuvrability and are especially useful for those with active jobs that involve periodic outside work, going in and out of a factory building, for example. Make sure you buy great bodywarmers from reputable suppliers.

Regatta Clothing have some great designs to deal with all working and weather environments even their bodywarmers are exceptional Regatta Clothing have some great designs to deal with all working and weather environments even their bodywarmers are exceptional

Even those working mostly inside can be frequently subjected to the cold. If you are a mechanic or work in a warehouse loading bay with the door open, then you will no doubt experience a cold draught on regular occasions. However, wearing a fleece or jacket will often be impractical as you need a full range of movement and the fabric of the sleeves will often get caught on machinery and whatever you are working on.

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In this case the TRA788 Regatta Flux Bodywarmer from Regatta would be ideal. The polyester soft shell fabrics offer lightweight, weatherproof performance and greater durability from abrasions than a normal t-shirt

What is the point of a softshell bodywarmer?

The concept of a body warmer is lost on many people. What’s the point of keeping your torso warm and waterproof if you are going to have your arms exposed? You may ask. However, keeping your core warm is one of the best ways to retain body heat. Ask for samples or sizing kits so you buy great bodywarmers for your needs from the off.

Buy Great Bodywarmers online through BHI Workwear

It was once erroneously claimed that the majority of heat was lost through the head, although this has been recently discounted by scientific research that shows only around 10% of body heat is lost through the head. The myth came about from tests during the 1950’s conducted by the US military. They observed that most of the heat was lost through the head, however the participants were wearing arctic survival gear in extremely cold temperatures and so naturally their uncovered heads lost most of their retained heat.

In actual fact, the most important area to keep warm is the torso. There is a large amount of surface area on the chest and back to lose heat through but, more importantly, heating up the torso keeps the blood around the heart warm which then circulates to the rest of the body and spreads this heat.

Why choose a softshell bodywarmer over a jacket?

Soft shell workwear body warmers provide the perfect trade-off between warmth, weight and movement. As such they are ideal for working environments that are prone to abrasions, as well as many outdoor hobbies such as camping and hiking.

The Regatta TRA799 Rockstone Bodywarmer is part of the Hardwear range, designed specifically to deal with tough working conditions. The Rockstone is made from robust Polyamide Ripstop fabric, making it very robust in abrasive environments. This means it is the ideal garment for tradesmen, plumbers and craftsmen who are more likely to catch their clothing on a loose nail or pipe fitting etc.

The Regatta TRA700 Haber II interactive body warmer is perfect for those looking for a low cost alternative, particularly if you need to fit out a workforce with several items of workwear clothing. The Haber II is lightweight and made from the 250 series fleece material. Perhaps its main asset is the ability to zip this workwear clothing into a Regatta jacket, creating one very warm and versatile piece of clothing with a removable inner garment.

We provide workwear clothing for a variety of different professions. As such, we are in the perfect position to advice on just what sort of clothing would be most suitable for your job role. If you are looking to kit out a full crew we can offer bulk order discounts on either the Flux Body Warmer, Rockstone or Haber II.

Just give our friendly advisors a call and we would be happy to discuss your working conditions and advise which would be the best workwear garments to choose.

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