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The weather in the United kingdom over the last few weeks (February 2014) has been more than a little winter storm with flooding across the south west of England some of the worst certainly in living memory.

This “freak” weather front has compounded problems which are always prevalent at this time of year, who knew winter would be wet and cold?
With extreme weather comes the need to better protect against the elements which Regatta Workwear has pioneered for over 30 years.
With these “freak” storms appearing more and more the demand for waterproof workwear clothing has never been higher. Demand was always high for the jackets but now people have been seeking out full suits which consist of workwear trousers which are predominantly waterproof and breathable first and durable second.

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Regatta like so many other work clothing brands have a fine array of great workwear trousers that are made from polycottons but these are seldom waterproof, although the Regatta trousers are highly water resistant.
With demand increasing from several key sectors within the UK industry for robust work trousers with a great level of waterproofing brands have had to drill down on key design flaws and try to rectify them or limit the propensity.
In truth because of the way trousers are built and used in everyday working life the ability to create waterproof legwear is limited to polyesters which while waterproof does not offer great performance against abrasions like Cordura or Kevlar. At present there needs to be a compromise on performance for what consumers want from their trousers and how they actually perform.

Workwear Trousers used in Combination with Waterproof Overtrousers

Many people believe there is a trouser that will be the jack of all trades and work in most environments which is only the case because of limited exposure to those changing environments.
In other words the worker who has a pair of work trousers that he uses in the wet will be ill equipped if he was on his knees on abrasive floors. While the one man band can use their work trousers in different environments the rail worker, the tree surgeon, the joiner, the builder, the driver and other similar professions will have a pair that work specifically for their environments. Which will function to their specific needs and requirements rather than being adequate.

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The above factors have not touched on cost of these differing types of workwear trousers which is paramount in most businesses. The reality is while the demand may be there to build a trouser that is tough, durable, comfortable and waterproof there is a very small market as these types of trousers as the cost will in reality be counter-productive for firms to invest in.
If a firm had to kit out 50 workers with trousers that cost £80-£100 each, the exercise becomes incredibly expensive and will never be signed off.

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The solution is a combination of workwear trousers with a good pair of waterproof over trousers to keep the wearers dry while the under trousers will provide the warmth and the durability. This means a relatively inexpensive pair of over trousers can be sacrificed if needed.

Regatta Workwear has several waterproof overtrousers but the most popular and best performing pair is the MW348 Packaway II Overtrousers. These are breathable, waterproof and easily folded away in a useful bag so when the weather does brighten up they can be removed and stored.

We all should be very familiar with the UK weather by now as it rains approximately 70% of time so the need for waterproof workwear should always be a consideration and not an afterthought when the really heavy rain and storms hit.

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