Waterproof Workwear by Regatta

Waterproof Work Wear Jackets By Regatta

We all know the score it happens almost every year, we have a cold horrific winter then we get a day or two of fine weather before the rain starts and the cold temperatures sneak back in like an uninvited guest with social interaction problems.  Each year people make the same assumptions with their workwear clothing and they only seem to buy the waterproof clothes when it starts to rain and by the looks of the weather outside that is about 10 minutes away.
There is an old outdated theory that workwear and waterproof clothing are two mutually exclusive entities and never one and the same, sounds as daft as it does writing it believe me.

Most workwear clothing today tends to be made from polycottons and polyester weaves which can be inherently water resistant especially the polyester clothing. Polycottons are used in trouser construction because of several factors, comfort, price, and durability being a few however seldom do workwear brands produce trousers which are inherently waterproof or water resistant so most workers end up having waterproof jackets but not leg wear. In the cold wet driving rain in the spring months (in the UK it’s any day ending in “Y” regardless of the season) it really is unacceptable to be half protected from wet conditions or to have additional workwear products like over-trousers as “solutions”.Waterproof Jackets | Outdoor Clothing | Weather Proof Workwear

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Regatta Workwear has a solution for these situations and it’s so simple it’s almost too simple. Why not buy workwear trousers that are (wait for it) waterproof or at least water resistant to work in?!
The old theory about comfort is easily dismissed because Regatta use Polycotton weaves in their trouser construction but add other fabrics and treatment to make the trousers tough, durable and lightweight and easily able to handle most tasks.

There are Regatta trousers like the TRJ323 Premium workwear trousers which have knee pad pockets for those workers who spend time on their knees. Most of the Workwear trousers available to buy are made from a polyester heavy ratio mix so in the rain they tend to repel the rain rather than soak it up.

There are also great waterproof trousers by Regatta which will protect the wearer and can be easily stored after use or when the sun comes out.

Okay so that’s trousers reviewed let’s look at the upper body, depending on the jobs most workers will have jackets which are water resistant but often at a cost to functionality, performance or breathability. The workwear jackets are made from polyester which is great at keeping the moisture out but can also trap the moisture in so the workers will be constantly slopping around in their own perspiration. Workers need work jackets which wicks moisture away from their bodies and allow it to dissipate freely from the jacket in a way that also provides no heat loss to the wearer. Many brands offer Durable waterproof workwear clothing with no breathability or they do but at a premium price which often dissuades from further consideration.

Waterproof & Breathable Jackets By Regatta Workwear

These jackets can lack thermo enhancements which could mean in practical terms you have waterproof jackets which also collect sweat and offer no heat retention so when you do cease activity you will be cold and wet on the inside. We know this first hand as we have dealt with a few new customers who bought the “cheap” waterproof jackets for their workwear and were more than displeased with the results and have resolved to find better waterproof clothing for the next time it rains.
Regatta have some truly great waterproof clothing, the jackets being one of ranges which offer full weather protection including wind, effective breathability from their jackets and engineered with properties like Thermo Guard which traps the bodies heat by insulating air in between fibres of the workwear very much like nature has done for millions of years with animals coats.  Regatta also engineer waterproof/water resistant softshell and fleeces in order to match the user’s requirements perfectly.

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The best thing is the price, workwear clothing which looks great and performs like leisurewear but cost the same as some home brand goods from certain large retail brands. The more astute consumers have been buying workwear to use at home because of these reasons and now we have the Regatta site up and really running you can see exactly why.

We can Embroider or Print your logo on all your workwear clothing

Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing

Anyway this was supposed to be a quick blog entry slash rant about the current weather but you get the idea. We now have the new website to provide the best service and information about Regatta clothing and Dare2B Teamwear products.
If you need any help or assistance regarding the products on our website give us a call on 0333 101 4030.