Waterproof Interactive Workwear Jackets

Interactive Workwear Jackets Main Advantages

What are the main advantages and benefits of choosing an interactive workwear jacket?

Firstly let’s qualify what interactive workwear jackets actually are and then we can see what the potential benefits will be.
Regatta currently produces 3 waterproof interactive jackets in the TRW446 Gibson III Interactive jacket, TRW447 Ashford Breathable Jacket and the TRW423 Vertex II (Soon to be TRW463 Vertex III)
The interactive qualities pertains to the way theses jackets can accept Regatta Fleeces like the TRF532 Thor III and TRA500 Sigma Fleece as well as the TRA642 Uproar softshell to be zipped into the jacket to make it a very effective 3 in 1 waterproof workwear combination.

The Best Men's Waterproof Jackets - online through BHI Workwear The Best Men's Waterproof Jackets - online through BHI Workwear

The zippers on the Thor III, Sigma and Uproar are modified to work with other zippers on specific jackets (listed above) to allow them to marry up with one another.
The waterproof interactive jackets have secondary zippers on the inside of the storm flaps near the main zipper to allow the additional fleece or softshell to be attached creating a very versatile and warm outfit.

Interactive jackets allow for further layering to combat cold woring conditions

Advantages of buying a waterproof interactive workwear jackets are the ability to add further layers in really cold weather when the jacket on its own isn’t quite enough.
During the warmer months when jackets are impractical for large portions of time the fleece or softshell can be unzipped and worn separately.
This is particularly advantageous for those workers who operate both indoors and outdoors such as construction workers and tradesmen.

Is there a difference between these interactive workwear jackets and 3 in 1 jackets like the Evader?

Yes and no.
Yes because the styling of the TRW446 Gibson III, TRW447 Ashford Jacket and TRW423 Vertex III Microfibre jacket is quite different from that of the TRA137 Evader, TRA138 Ledger and TRA122 Benson II Jacket.
That can be said of most of the waterproof workwear jackets in the Regatta range though so if you look at the interactive jackets as having the ability to add a fleece or softshell but does not come with them as standard.

No because when the waterproof interactive jackets are equipped with their compatible fleece and softshells they in effect become a 3 in 1 the same as the Benson II, Ledger and Evader and will perform to the high standards Regatta are renowned for.

Buy Interactive waterproof work jackets online through BHI Workwear

This may be subtle at first because you either want a jacket with a fleece in or not so the idea of a third option seems neither here nor there in one perspective however these garments should be seen in in a different light.
The premise of: It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it - is specifically where the interactive waterproof jackets fit in.
They give the wearer the option to add layers to the workwear jacket if required which can be seen as advantage when dealing with unpredictable weather patterns.

Ultimately the decision is usually down to personal preference and the aesthetics of the jackets when the other elements are all equal (Waterproofing and Breathability)
So if you like the look of the TRW463 Vertex Microfibre Jacket or the TRW447 Ashford Breathable Jacket then they may be the choice for you regardless of the interactive nature.
If you prefer the more vibrant colour of the Evader jacket then that jacket is probably the best option for you regardless of the 3 in 1 fleece addition.

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