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Bodywarmers – Great functional workwear clothing

As the cooler weather sets in, it starts to become apparent that it’s time to start considering warmer workwear. But although we may have seen the last of the beaming sunshine, the temperature is still mild which means that hefty workwear gear may not be the ideal solution. This is where work wear bodywarmers come in.

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Regatta Clothing have some great designs to deal with all working and weather environments even their bodywarmers are exceptional Regatta Clothing have some great designs to deal with all working and weather environments even their bodywarmers are exceptional

are otherwise known at Gilets though this is disputed by some. Many people argue that there is a light difference, citing that Gilets are more decorative because many are fitted and sometimes feature a fur trim although overall the names are interchangeable.

Bodywarmers are ideal when the there is a slight chill in the air but not enough so that this requires full body coverage. The lack of material covering the arms allows for much more freedom of movement without restriction which is why those who work in warehouses and shop floors favour this type of workwear.

BHI Workwear offer a great range of work wear Bodywarmers

The Regatta Workwear range of work wear bodywarmers is gaining much popularity. Because of their innovative and hardwearing design, Great Workwear Bodywarmers are durable and lightweight. It is a common misconception that bodywarmers or gilets do not keep the wearer warm. Whilst true in very cold conditions exposed arms are not protected from the elements, most find that if their core is warm, body heat overall is retained quite well.

Here at BHI Workwear we provide a wide selection of bodywarmers which vary in functionality. Fleece bodywarmers are ideal for indoor work but may not perform as well in wet conditions which is where soft shell body warmers may be the better alternative. If you need a water resistant body warmer we urge you to consider the Regatta Steller Bodywarmer.

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You can order from our work wear bodywarmers collection online but we advise that you give us a call should you require a bulk order as we may be able to offer trade discounts. In addition we offer a full logo service. You can contact BHI Workwear to discuss your workwear needs on 0333 101 4030. A helpful member of our team will be able to provide additional information and advise you on the most appropriate work wear for your industry needs.

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Whatever work wear clothing, uniform or waterproof you require Regatta have several options which will tick boxes both in terms of performance as well as price.
Regatta offer bulk discounts on all products and can mix and match to suit each customer’s requirements. This applies if you are looking to utilise multiple products as we can place them all in one basket and offer preferential pricing.
Along with all uniform workwear clothing orders BHI offer a full logo service which includes embroidery and heat sealed printing allowing for every piece of clothing to embolden your company icons.

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