TRF530 Regatta Asgard II Quilted Fleece Jacket Product Review

Review of the Regatta Asgard II Quilted fleece jacket.

As time passes we at Regatta Workwear will add more and more product reviews which will complement the product information and of course customer reviews of each of our producst as we build over time.

Now we have the review of the Regatta Asgard II Quilted fleece; like so many Regatta products is an exceptional performer and pretty much does what it says on the label. In other words when you buy this workwear product you know what you're getting thanks to the sterling reputation Regatta holds as a brand. They stand for warmth, protection, water resistance, weather proofing and value for money.

Please note fleece jackets are not inherently waterproof or water resistant unless stated.

The Regatta Asgard II quilted fleece jacket used to come in 3 colours, bottle green, navy and of course the black fleece colour the bottle green was removed from the 2013 catalogue because demand for that colour wasn't at the required levels although if you search around you may find a deal on the bottle green version.

This Great Workwear fleece jacket is a good solid performer and anyone looking for a great black fleece to wear for work or play then this jacket is certainly one for serious consideration.

Review of the Regatta Asgard II Fleece

From a technological or innovation point of view it's more than just fleece material sculpted into a jacket, Regatta have added quilting which is an age old form of heat retention to their innovative Thermo-Guard application which serves to make this garment fantastic at keeping the wearer warm and comfortable when faced with the ever unpredictable elements.

One of the main assets to the Regatta Asgard II quilted fleece jacket is the design and engineering which has been labelled with the "symmetry" tag meaning it has wide ranging applications for work and for leisure time pursuits.

The Asgard II Quilted Fleece material is super soft to the touch

Which is typical of a traditional black fleece, it has an anti-pill nature which means the fabric bobbles a lot less after being worn keeping the garment looking sharp and presentable. The Asgard II has quick drying properties which serve to wick away moisture from the wearers body and also if and when the wearer is caught in a downpour the Fleece will dry quickly to maintain optimum performance. Although this Regatta Fleece is designated as workwear it has the design aesthetics to easily be considered part of your home wardrobe. This asset is one of the main reasons for their success in the workwear field which also has the benefit of gaining crossover sales thanks to more competitive pricing from workwear suppliers.

I have worn the Regatta Asgard II Quilted Fleece as well as other Fleeces by other brands for quite a while now in my work and leisure pursuits which involves cycling, hiking, walking dogs and generally being exposed to the wonderful British climate and I've always been impressed at how unaware I am of the presence of the garment. By this I mean the best warm clothing doesn't make you aware of how warm you are it simply keeps you from feeling how cold you could be and as such flies under the radar. I love this about Regatta clothing and in this case the Asgard is perfect.

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it simply performs the task of protecting you from the cold, chills and wind while allowing you to concentrate unimpeded.

The applications for the Asgard II are too numerous to list as it's perfect for almost any job where you need to keep warm and comfortable. The added quilting and Thermo-Guard which traps air inside the fibres creating the best natural insulation known to man is a fantastic property to have in any workwear clothing and just think about important it is to feel warm and fully protected.

There is only one drawback to the Asgard II but this drawback is the same of all fleeces and that is the water resistance or lack thereof. The Regatta Asgard II quilted fleece  is a great product but not designed for coping with rain because of the fabric which naturally wicks water and holds it making it wet and heavy which is one reason why some have moved to wearing other Regatta clothing like jackets and softshells.

However this is just a slight issue as most fleeces for that matter are not made to be exposed to wet conditions if you need that level of protection you should wear a jacket or indeed a softshell all of which Regatta make plenty of.

In summation the Asgard II quilted fleece jacket is the perfect accompaniment workwear clothing when winters chill is in the air.

It can be worn underneath a wide variety of jackets and although not officially viewed as a 3 in 1 product the Asgard fleece jacket works very well in combination with a waterproof jacket over it and considering this winter is supposed to be a cold one that may be the natural choice for many customers.

See The Regatta Asgard II Fleece Jacket Here

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