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Durable Waterproof Workwear Clothing by Regatta

Regatta is known for producing world class waterproof clothing ideal for the great outdoors and increasingly for their robust ranges of workwear. Like all major brands Regatta have lots of products to choose from and that choice can be overwhelming and actually counter intuitive if you have to browse dozens of workwear products to find one that you are looking for in a short time period. See the new Regatta workwear range at BHI

If you look at their work  jackets they have over 30 to choose from which as you can imagine can take a while to disseminate and then you’ll probably be looking to compare and contrast a few without having to take notes and trawl through the entire products list.

What’s needed is a way to select only a few workwear products that fit your own parameters and allows you to cut your browse time to the minimum while providing the most amount of information for you to have an informed decision about which Corporatewear is best suited to your needs

The aim of the Regatta Workwear website is simple, we want to bring you a fast, easy, effective way to view the Regatta products you are looking for then buy with minimal fuss making your experience flow with ease.

See the New Regatta Workwear clothing For your company's Specific Requirements

Many websites offer so much choice it can be fruitless navigating round to try and buy a simple item.
For example you land on certain workwear brands home pages where you want a pair of trouser say and you have to “browse” their entire trouser range which unless you know the name of the product is unavoidable until you find what you are looking for.

The results show that after a few clicks many consumers leave the website in search of another one which may be easier to navigate.

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We have taken note of this evaluation and have developed a website which has a navigation filter allowing you the consumer to designate exactly what you want whether that is a Durable workwear jackets by Regatta, softshell, fleece or trousers. You can choose what colour you wish and the filter will only bring you the products available in that tone, you can specify the sizes of the clothing which is traditionally a minefield for so many, our site will bring you products only available in your specified size.

We can send out sizing kits upon request if the order is significant to reduce the time needed to assess what the correct sizes are. Call 0333 101 4030 to find out more.

The filter allows you to set your budget for your  choices so you won’t be evaluating products which are out of your price range and thus wasting your time.
In effect the filter is designed to precisely target the exact clothing which would meet your requirements and allows you to assess and buy without having clutter and unnecessary workwear products which you are not interested in.

All the while we have dedicated staff to take your calls and will advise, assist and guide you through the Regatta Workwear online store.

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If you are looking to order workwear, corporatewear, uniforms or PPE on behalf of a company then why not contact us in advance of your purchase in order to open a trade account?
BHI Workwear will create discounts for your entire order and we can even offer a ‘try before you buy’ User trials. Contact us direct on 0333 101 4030 or email us at for more details.

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