The Future: Bespoke Online Ordering of Workwear & Uniforms

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With the evolution of the internet, and the ease of online shopping on everything from cars to bespoke shoes, there comes a point when suppliers can make the process of future orders easier and more efficient. The first sale can be just the start of a business association which can expand further to cover more requirements the customer has.

In the workwear & Uniform clothing industry, many firms either start off small to test the water so to speak of the new supplier rather than jumping straight in, and so the orders can be handled over the phone or face to face. However, larger subsequent orders while very positive for any firm, can tie up resources inside the supplier to make sure the order is fulfilled. This is not specific to Workwear clothing or uniforms, this "opportunity cost" is universal across every industry in every land.

Great corporate & Work shirts ideal for all operations - formal and hardwearing - embroidery ready Great corporate & Work shirts ideal for all operations - formal and hardwearing - embroidery ready

As such, this “issue” is more of a question for the uniform and work clothing suppliers than the clients who only want what they ordered, and as quickly as promised. The solution to allowing an increase in sales without impacting on the sales team and other workers, is the implementatation of an online ordering system for customers.

Ordering Bulk Workwear & Uniforms Online Can Be Extremely Easy

Now as a caveat or further explanation, as you are reading this on the BHI Workwear site you could assume that this is the place to order uniforms and work clothing online. Whilst this is true if you wanted to buy workwear for one or two workers, what if you wished to kit out a hundred or thousand workers in work clothing or personalised uniforms? The question of cost will be an issue, and the application of products to different areas with the buyers' business and possibly different operational sites and locations.

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Re-order the Same Uniform Clothing & workwear Products at the Click of a Button

At this point, firms will call or email us for a chat about specific products, embroidery, man-packing and of course bulk order discounts on their workwear order. Some will perhaps even negotiate their own unique pricing structure, based upon their intention to order larger quantities more regularly.

These elements are traditionally dealt with internally, but will need someone to process the order over the phone or by email, which can prove extremely time consuming, especially in light of some companies' preference to still use pen and paper to jot down the necessities, which can and does lead to mistakes.

Buy Corporate Uniforms, Work Shirts, polo's and much more at BHI Workwear Buy Corporate Uniforms, Work Shirts, polo's and much more at BHI Workwear

With online ordering specifically set up for each individual customer, the product setup is performed only once. The customers simply go to the site, login and either duplicate a previous order or build their new order from the workwear products in their list with their own unique pricing structure. From there, the order is fed automatically into our system, and we will be notified to check the order before sending it for pick from our warehouse, or to the suppliers to fulfil the order.

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The added advantage to BHI is we can focus our energies completing the orders much faster, making us more efficient to focus on the customer service side of things and help grow our business through repeat business.

If you are a larger firm with multiple sites and many workers, please don't hesitate to call us to find out more about how we can set you up on our proprietary online ordering system. We are available direct on 0333 101 4030, or via email at

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