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So what are the best men’s waterproof workwear jackets? This is a very common question posed by online shoppers as well as our existing customers. The idea of what the best men’s waterproof jacket is a subjective notion, and dependent on other factors such as the requirements the jacket will be used for, the styling, the budget and the colour schemes offered.

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The Perfect Waterproof Workwear Jacket Solution to Suit You

Regatta produce a wide range of waterproof workwear jackets and barring a few exceptions, most are configured for men but can be worn by both sexes if the sizing guide is utilised, so it really does boil down to what the jacket will be used for. Will it be used in conjunction with waterproof legwear? Or will it be used with typical polycotton work trousers? Are the wearers exposed to the elements for extended periods of time? Will the men’s water proof jacket be used indoors as well as outdoors?

It is important to consider these elements, as you could opt for an expensive jacket under the impression it will protect the wearer from the most adverse weather conditions. However, always remember that you are only as waterproof as your weakest layer; so if you are wearing polycotton trousers, you will only stay in the rain until your mobile phone or wallet are in danger of becoming waterlogged. If you opt for a larger, thicker waterproof jacket meanwhile, this is sure to prove less practical for indoor use and wear in the warmer months when heavy downpours remain relatively common despite reasonably high temperatures.

Finding the The Best Mens Waterproof Workwear Jacket for your requirements

Often the question what is the best men’s waterproof jacket should be re-worded, instead asking which are the best jackets to suit a particular budget? This question holds the true key to delivering the best products to each customer, especially considering that what one company is willing to spend on the workers weatherproof jackets will differ completely from another firm. Therefore, it is Regatta Clothing’s job to guide and advise them towards the best options.

For example, if a firm is looking to kit out 1000 men with workwear jackets, then a cost effective option such as the Regatta Dynamo Bomber Jacket could prove a good starting point, available at a superb bulk order discount cost whilst providing great wet weather performance.

But a firm looking to kit out five workers who are operating outdoors all day may be better served looking at the Regatta Evader 3 in 1 Jacket or the Regatta Galvanise Parka, which, accordingly for premium products, possess premium price tags to match.

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