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When company buyers are looking to kit out their workforce in fully weather protective and waterproof jackets, one of the most familiar questions relates to whether the jackets are available in women’s sizes and configurations. So what are the best ladies waterproof workwear jackets?

Most of Regatta’s work clothing is predominantly designed in the male configuration, but we have ensured that several key products are available in both genders, and also provide some of the best ladies waterproof jackets designs. It should be noted that the male jackets can be worn by ladies quite easily, and if the sizing guide is followed there will seldom be an issue

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However, when sourcing waterproof jackets for ladies, there is a need for the products to be the same as their male counterparts or very similar so the uniform image of the firm in question is kept intact throughout the company. There are three ladies waterproof jackets which are worth mentioning at this point, namely the Regatta Ladies Benson II 3 in 1 Jacket, the Regatta Ladies Chadwick 3 in 1 Jacket and the Regatta Ladies Ashford Jacket.

All three of these jackets are available in both gender configurations and all three are extremely protective both in terms of thermal protection, but especially in terms of wet weather performance. They also have the handy benefit of having a removable fleece inside, making them functional when the sun does actually make an appearance. These women’s water proof jackets are therefore extremely practical no matter what the weather is doing and where the wearer is working.

Bulk Order Discounts on Ladies Waterproof Workwear Jackets

Like with all of our products, Regatta Clothing will offer bulk discounts on all women’s waterproof jackets, and we can add these garments to the male equivalent orders, bringing the pricing into line even if number of ladies jackets ordered is comparatively low.

Of course, if the firm is looking for a different jacket for their female workforce, other options exist to fit in line with their requirements. For example, if their female workers predominantly work indoors, there is little point in the purchase of a ladies waterproof jacket when a fleece or softshell would be more practical and cost effective.

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