Special Offer on Regatta’s spring 2014 Premium Workwear Trouser

We at BHI Workwear can certainly tell it’s springtime as the weather is wet, cold and miserable. Pretty much like the winter except the days are getting slightly longer and there are a few brief glimpses of the foreign bright yellow orb in the sky. So to brighten up the mood BHI has placed Regatta's fantastic TRJ323 Premium Workwear Trousers on special offer at the great price of just £19.99 ex VAT.Great Workwear trousers

The New Special Offer on Regatta’s spring 2014 Premium Workwear Trouser

For less than 20 quid, excluding the nasty “value” added tax, you can source a great pair of men’s Regatta work wear trousers which are durable, tough and water resistant, ideal for the lovely unpredictable weather you know outdoor workers and even some indoor ones will face.

With many work wear trousers there is either the pain that they will fail after a couple of weeks in the field or they can cost upwards of £60.00 for a good pair.
If you’ve got one eye on the budget both these issues can become expensive problems and for this reason, Regatta work trousers show great distinction.

Special Offer on Regatta’s spring 2014 Workwear Trouser

Regatta offer the TRJ323 Premium Performance without the Premium Price

The TRJ323 Premium Work wear Trousers are designed with the same philosophy as all Regatta clothing: They all offer premium performance without the premium price tag which often go hand in hand.

The Regatta TRJ323 Premium Work Trousers are constructed using hardwearing polyester cotton which adds a good level of abrasion resistance as well as an excellent level of water resistance. The crotch area is all triple stitched, like so many premium brand trousers, the triple stitching adds a formidable level of tensile strength and any craftsmen, joiner or plumber worth their salt will testify to their annoyance when trousers always split in the seat. This isn’t always a direct result to the amount of pies they have eaten either, it’s usually down to poor design, inferior materials or cost cutting by the brand.

If you’re paying upwards of £50 or £60 for a pair of trousers you would expect them to last a good few years or alternatively if the firm is paying peanuts for the work trousers you will be forever ordering replacements which is costly, time consuming and often counter intuitive. The solution would be a great pair of work trousers priced just right and offering comparable performance with other brands.

BHI Workwear Offer Great Trousers - great deals for bulk orders

The Regatta Premium Workwear Trousers are designed for craftsmen, construction workers, joiners, plumbers, drivers, pretty much any profession that needs to have a good sturdy pair of trousers to deal with the stresses and strains. With impressive kneepad construction which utilises incredibly tough polyamide reinforcements these men’s work trousers are ideal for sole traders as well as large firms who are often trapped in buying cheaper options but need great performance. The Premium Workwear Trousers are available in short, regular and long leg versions and our helpful clothing sizing guide and easy to follow Full details section will make it clear and plain what’s what so nothing is left open to interpretation.  With the Regatta spring 2014 Men’s Premium work wear trouser offer you can certainly see the added value from the price savings and the brand equity Regatta holds.


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One of the biggest assets the Regatta Premium Work trousers holds is the level of water resistance which most workers will be well aware of when they are working outdoors. Most work trousers are made from water absorbing fabrics which become impractical after a few moments in sudden downpours.

Regatta is renowned for their weather protection and waterproofing and we have applied this philosophy to our work trousers. The TRJ323 workwear trousers are NOT waterproof but in real world application they can withstand a brief sudden shower with relative ease without making the wearer uncomfortable. All the trousers in our workwear range are water resistant to a good level which includes the TRJ333 & TRJ330 Regatta Action trousers which are the lightweight little sisters to the TRJ323 Premium Trousers.

If you do need waterproof trousers Regatta have the Packaway II and the Stormbreak overtrousers which are made purely for waterproofing and can be easily stored after use. Please call us if you would like more information on these products or any of our great workwear clothing.

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That’s not all. With this great offer we also have other products which can accompany the Premium Workwear Trousers.
The Specials include work fleeces and other waterproof jackets which will work in combination and unison with these great work wear trousers.
Look at the waterproof Omicron II which is on offer for spring 2014 at £35.90 ex VAT. We have the list of best sellers Regatta offers including but not limited to the Regatta Asgard II Fleece and the Wonderful TRF532 Regatta Thor III fleece which is very competitively priced and interactive with several of our waterproof work jackets.

BHI Workwear accept transactions through Paypal and Credit card payments through our partner Worldpay and over the phone where our friendly and expert staff will assist you fully in making sure you choose the correct products for you and not our bottom line.

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So what are you waiting for? Buy your Regatta Premium Workwear trousers right here right now for less than £20.00 ex VAT. Our online ordering system is secure and straightforward but if you would prefer to speak to a member of the team you can contact us on +44 333 101 4030 or you can fill out the contact form that features on our website and a member of the team will contact you.

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Whatever work wear clothing, uniform or waterproof you require Regatta have several options which will tick boxes both in terms of performance as well as price.
Regatta offer bulk discounts on all products and can mix and match to suit each customer’s requirements. This applies if you are looking to utilise multiple products as we can place them all in one basket and offer preferential pricing.
Along with all uniform & workwear clothing orders Regatta offer a full logo service which includes embroidery and heat sealed printing allowing for every piece of clothing to embolden your company icons.

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