Update To New Workwear Website

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With the new Regatta Workwear website now live and running we have made some key changes thanks to some challenging factors over the last few months which seem to affect online shopping for our clothing. On the whole the first generation of Regatta workwear was successful however there were always a few niggles which we have tried to iron out in this new website design and I will address some here today.

The new workwear clothing site is designed to cope with overseas sales as well as UK domestic sales, before we had a flat rate of shipping regardless of where the customer was in the world when they bought their clothing. This caused a few issues and refunds because we couldn’t ship for that amount it just wasn’t economically viable to ship to Moldova as of this new website we have geographically designated zones which take into account the weights of the goods so we can give prices based on countries, continents and if the Royal Mail buck up their ideas even planets, joking, there is no way the Royal Mail will become that efficient. This is still in the testing phase but will become live soon enough.Black Fleece Offers | Regatta Workwear Offers | Bulk Discounts

The big issue most people had was the VAT element which we knew about from the start and it has been a pain for us also as well as a barrier to new customers who were not informed about the VAT until they came to pay by which time the price jumped up because of the carriage and the 20% tax addition. We personally called so many people to enquire as to why they had not paid for their clothing after adding their details and the unanimous answer was the VAT charge.

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Please accept our apologises regarding that problem it has been on our to-do list since day one. We have now fixed this issue and the price is clearly represented on the pages on each product before you even click to buy the clothing. Most workwear users/buyers are VAT registered and as such always require quotes for prices ex VAT of course a lot more of our customers are not registered and as such they were under the impression we were charging them more for our own gain. This was never the case but we understand where that perception may have come from

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As an outdoor clothing supplier we are always faced with the challenge of making sure we give as much information about our products as we can to ensure customers buy the correct sizes, colours and indeed the correct work clothing product. Trousers have been a challenge as people are not always aware of the sizes of their waist and the leg length so we will update the sizing guide so each product will be accompanied by a visual in the Full Details section of the official Regatta Sizing guide. All customers need do then is measure their waist so they don’t have to re send their order back and waist time and possibly pay more money in handling charges. If you are unsure then please call us and discuss the options available.
Luckily Regatta Workwear clothing has a very good fit so in terms of their trousers a 34” waist they actually are a true 34” waist and you won’t need to get the next size up or down.  
More over to these changes we are looking into bringing you an easier buying experience as our new shopping cart is quick and very straightforward unlike the other clunky version which was not user friendly this new check out will be intuitive and relatively painless.

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On the whole we have made some very necessary changes to the site which if you are new to Regatta workwear then don’t worry you’ve missed all the fun!
We have added Dare2B Teamwear onto our new site in the active wear page.

Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered work wear clothing

What we aim to do with this new site is create a needs based shopping experience which will help with your choices and complimenting Regatta products.
If you wish to visit the home page please either click on this link or click on the “home” option at the top of the page. The same can be said for all the ranges we offer.
If you need anything further then please call us on 0333 101 4030 it’s a local number and you will speak to a specialist.