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Regatta Workwear Is indebted to Sheffield Hospitals

There are good causes everywhere in today’s society so it can be hard to disseminate which ones to donate to and indeed support however either through fate or perhaps synchronicity we at Regatta Workwear have had the good fortune to be presented several great causes which we work closely with.SHC
One such charity would be the SHC (Sheffield Hospital Charity) which we have donated our workwear clothing for their fund raising activities and created access to a great discount on our website for any volunteer raising funds for SHC. They can purchase any garment by Regatta or Dare2B which will provide them with greater comfort and protection against the elements so they can spend less money on clothing and more money is pumped into the charity. We have supported them with banners, signs and will continue to raise more and more awareness for them over the years.

As a rule I am quite sceptical on charities largely because a quick credit check on a lot of so called charities clearly demonstrates that a large portion and I mean 80% plus if not more of the donations are eaten up through administration charges and or the CEO receiving a huge payment which means the cause is deprived of much needed funds. Look into this yourself you will be surprised to see how little of your donated money goes to the people you are trying to support, it’s criminal.

What makes the Sheffield Hospital Charity different from so many fraudulent charities is their effectual ability to create actual tangible and fundamental change in people’s lives and thusly the wider community through hands on specialist care and equipment over and above what the NHS provides. One of our own experienced first-hand how great this organisation is when he and his wife were admitted into Sheffield’s Jessop Wing maternity hospital when they were having premature twins in early November 2012.

The care Iain and Gemma received was first class which went over and above what most people would constitute a typical hospital experience their experience was harrowing to them and their family however the staff at Jessops made the difference in creating a grounded environment which meant that communication was clear and sharp allowing for both parents to know what exactly was happening and when to remove doubts and fears.
The nurses, doctors and medical staff were in constant contact with Iain and Gemma before they were admitted, during the C section at 35 weeks of the pregnancy through to the maternity ward after care when Gemma needed assistance to recover from her surgery and most importantly to protect and ensure that Both Harry and Leila (The greatest kids ever) were supported and cared for round the clock and at no point was there ever an issue. There was no bargaining or threats like the NHS are often perceived in the media.

The hospital staff were simply doing their job, a job that is both amazing and incredible which largely goes unrewarded and is often thankless.
This is not right, not right by a long stretch and it is our mission to raise awareness further for this great charity by promoting what they have done for Iain and his family as well as providing key components in order for them to work and focus on fund raising so other families will have the same care and treatment hopefully spreading this model to other hospitals around South Yorkshire leading the way for rest of the UK.

Regatta Workwear will donate 10% from all clothing purchases

Moreover we will further support their cause by creating a donation code SHCT1 on our workwear site so for every pound spent with us on that code Regatta Workwear will donate 10 pence to their charity. If you are looking for waterproof jackets, fleeces, trousers or any type of weather protective workwear clothing and you want to give to a great cause use this code (SHCT1) and we will give more money to SHC on your behalf.
It’s about time we heard more positive news about the care these workers provide because one day you may need their specialist skills as it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Please call us if you would like more information or would like to donate directly to them.

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