Regatta TRF532 Thor III Fleece Review

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Most product reviews offer a very subjective opinion and determination by an individual and I find often what’s lacking particularly from clothing reviews is an application passage or section. In other words they lack a description as to where the clothing can be used or should be used for the best performance, function and or profession.
At BHI workwear we will try to paint a picture about the products, the construction, performance and functions as well as guiding to which environments these clothing products are considered most effective.

Buy the Regatta Thor III Fleece online through BHI Workwear Buy the Regatta Thor III Fleece online through BHI Workwear


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Buy the Regatta Thor III fleece online through BHI Workwear

The reasons become clear when you look at the performance in correlation to price especially if the buyers are large firms with large workforces. The logic is simple enough even for the bean counters who are not known for their creativity and conceptualisation.

Buy the TRF532 Regatta Thor III Fleece online through BHI

If you are a large firm with thousands of workers you will need to source and select workwear clothing which will meet the necessary requirements without spending excessively and this is where the Thor III Fleece scores big points. One of the largest UK clothing brands use 25,000+ units of the Thor III fleece every year for their warehouse staff incidentally this accounts as to why the Thor III is the most popular fleece available in our workwear ranges.

So what does the fact that a large company buys thousands of units of this fleece have to do with me and my individual needs?

Ordinarily I would tend to agree the individual buyer will invariable opt for a workwear product with more flair, punch with an increase in expense to match the new attributes as most firms tend to buy the cheapest option however the Regatta Thor III is an exception to that rule.

The design of the Fleece is aesthetically styled on the leisurewear range by Regatta which you can buy at most High Street outdoor clothing stores so it does not have the “boxy” look of a typical workwear fleece the ones which are cheap and bobbled to hell after two hours. It actually feels like something you would wear outside of work which is exactly the effect Regatta are aiming for in a great deal of their work clothing.

The Thor III Fleece has anti pill fabric which reduces the effect of bobbling greatly which promotes a professional appearance for a lot longer as well as wearing much better.

The old thought that big firms buy cheap DOES NOT apply to this product yet the fleece itself will not cost the earth. If you want to buy one unit for yourself it will cost you less than £15.00 but the performance will be that of a much more expensive garment. If you have bought fleeces from the High Street then why not try workwear products like this one to see first-hand the savings you can make.

The Thor III Fleece Jacket is Interactive

In short this fleece will work with the vast array of Regatta jackets to create a 3- in -1 garment thusly adding another comprehensive layer in the thermal performance of the jacket. They sure fire way to keep warm is not to just wear a big thick jacket but to layer up. By making this fleece interactive Regatta have ensured the wearer can effectively increase the heat retention and thermal performance of the two combined products also making it more cost effective.

If you are looking for additional heat without wearing a larger jacket then choosing a performance base layer will work to some degree but you will invariable need more than just a fleece as your exposed layer we would recommend a softshell

Essentially softshells have all the benefits of fleece products but none of the drawbacks when it comes to weather protection and performance.

The Regatta Thor Fleece offer great value

Price versus performance

Whichever way we cut it up the end result will always lead to price and how viable from an economical position is the purchase.

As I stated above the Thor III fleece is bought in large numbers by blue chip companies because the economies offered are excellent and this principle works for the smaller companies and while you may not exactly get the discount of a 25,000 unit order we can always offer deals on decent numbers you require so please call us 0333 101 4030.

Buying one or two fleeces will still not break the bank as were talking less than £15.00 including VAT for a fleece that will keep you warm, comfortable and functional while working or even walking the dog. To place this in direct comparison if you ventured into an outdoor clothing shop and looked a  standard (no frills) fleece you would be looking at £25.00 plus and the tenner saved is pure cash in your pocket to buy those two pints before nipping home for the Sunday Roast.

Thor III Drawbacks

There aren’t any drawbacks to the Thor III as an isolated product it is more about the materials used in the construction of all fleeces which has the drawbacks.

In other words the fabric used in all fleece products barring one (the TRA644 Omicron II waterproof fleece) is impractical in wet weather.

Essentially as most people this review will affect will be based in the UK and thusly acutely aware of the inclement weather we suffer most of the year it will be a great use towards functionality and applicability.

If you are working outdoors you will need a jacket or a softshell

Fleece garments are totally the wrong product to wear if you are outside in unpredictable weather environments and anyone who has worn a fleece in the rain will tell you they become water saturated (like a sponge), heavy, uncomfortable and a pain to dry no matter how quick drying the fabric is. Wet fleece fabric drying time can be sped up slightly by using different materials however the laws of physics and evaporation rate are pretty standard short of using a very warm/hot radiator to dry the products. If you have no such heating equipment you will be stuck with a wet fleece till you do find a radiator.

If you are looking for a warm and lightweight garment and you are exposed to the weather you really need to look at softshells as a more viable options as they have great water resistance while offering all the great features fleeces are known for.


Once again a drawback of the fleece family is the fabric used when exposed to abrasions or harsher environments with protruding edges that can catch on clothing. Having just completed some major house repairs I would not dream of using a fleece in that environment unless it was an old battered one.

Regatta do make their fleeces extremely durable however they are limited in the level of robustness you can incorporate into the “woollen” type fabric. The fabric is inherently limited in its tensile strength and durability which if it is significantly re-engineered to make it tougher and more robust would result in the product not being recognisable as a fleece garment.

If this has affected you or your workers in the past then a look at the softshells or jackets would be the answer as their construction is greatly more robust.

The reason so many companies and individuals choose workwear fleeces is down to historical purchasing and a belief that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” which is a logical fallacy as there are many reasons as to look at alternative products which will result in better performance and actually savings over a given timeline.

People have bought fleeces as they are deemed “cheaper” than alternative like softshells which is true if you look at the price and not the cost.

Price versus Cost

Have you ever heard the saying “the map is not the territory”? This alludes to the price is not the cost and many buyers of workwear will either be acutely aware of this or will be eventually.

Price relates to the product and is a favourite for the bean counters who seldom factor in the true actual cost of any purchase.

For example you can look at the fleece option as cheaper in price than a softshell however the softshell could last two or three times as long in field which means the true cost of the softshell is up to 3 times cheaper than the fleece option. If you know you are burning through fleece garments then it’s time to look at alternative products and we can help.

Regatta Thor 3 Overall view and Applications

It may seem like I have been pushing the softshell option in truth this is only relevant if you or your workforce will be working outside or have been using a lot of these products due to tears, rips and poor professional representation.

If you or your workers are indoors then the TRF532 Thor III Fleece is a great addition to your workwear uniform.

It’s relatively inexpensive compared to similar spec’d fleece products with the same features.

The Thor III is available in a vast array of colour combinations, 10 presently but please call us if you want to clarify stock levels as the more exotic colours like Glowlight (yellow) or Firebrick (Orange) as these tend not to be ordered in the same numbers as navy and black.

If you need to logo your Thor III fleeces then the only real option is embroidery which we can offer so please call us 0333 101 4030 for a quote. You will need to provide us with an image of the logo you desire so we can construct an accurate price.


The Thor III fleece would be ideal to wear in the following working environments:

Warehouses, Garden centres, super markets, shops, retail in general, office wear,

You can wear the fleece pretty much any place where you will be working inside and need another level of thermal insulation for comfort while still requiring the necessary functionality.

Fleeces are still great sellers because they do the job and only until recently there was no viable alternative to them. Everything evolves and clothing is one area thanks to new technology and manmade fabrics which has evolved extremely quickly over the last 50 years more so than at any point in the last 1000 years. People are often slow to respond to change unless it is forced upon them and while there is margin in fleece products then there will be no force. Slowly people are looking to the more robust products as the old perceptions are replaced with informed decision making.

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